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7/15/2020: Plants create form out of "nothing"
 I was standing in the dry field overlooking the lake, with the summer breeze stirring all the flowers. The small pathway revealed a dry, dusty, rocky dirt which crunched with each step. I have a picture of the soil - it's the first one below.
 "Pretty sterile soil", the gardener in me mused. The number one rule – as I understood it – was that your soil had to have high amounts of rich organic material and be nice and friable. This tan gravelly material couldn't possibly grow anything.
 "Wrong!", said the numerous plants surrounding me – some as tall as I was.
 One vibrant tall plant with bright green leaves and big white saucer-shaped flowers tinged in lavender was example enough that plants can produce life without any (apparent) raw materials. (This would be the second picture below.)
 "How can that be", I mused. "How can all this plant material rise out of such dessicated dirt?"

I had noticed this phenomenon in the past. I had brought home a tiny paper cup with a seed and a bit of soil from somewhere - perhaps a garden exhibit or something. In a few days a two foot high plant had risen out of that pitiful amount of dirt.
 I remember being amazed, looking at all that stalk and leaf structure topped by a giant sunflower, and the only apparent source of material was the 5 or 6 tablespoons of soil in the paper cup.

So there I was, watching the lively green tall plant with the big saucer-shaped flowers, as it danced in the summer breeze along with countless other types and shapes of plants, each violating the principles of known good gardening rules, and just enjoying the exhuberance of life.
 I remembered the term "photosynthesis". "Oh, of course, it's photosynthesis," I thought. "Isn't that supposed to mean plants can synthesise (i.e. create) material from just sunlight, carbon dioxide, and perhaps a few minerals?" What is further interesting about this photosynthesis is that the wording usually goes like this: "Photosynthesis involves the conversion of light energy into chemical energy." It's a lot easier to imagine "miracles" when one is talking about energy instead of material.
 (We would do well to think of "disease" in this way.)
 In any case, when I woke up the next morning, the nighttime creativity yielded a thought: "Perhaps this creation of life out of apparent 'nothingness' is a fractal microcosm self-similiar to that of the Great Spirit creating the macrocosm out of nothingness at the time of the Big Bang."
 Later in the morning another understanding also came to me.
 "Oh, that's right. If we say that all things are alive, that all things are participants of the Universal Consciousness, then of course it would be expected that plants can easily create "material" form out of nothing."
 So there are signs. . .

Bare dirt

So here's the "dessicated" soil I was talking about.

Bare dirt

And here is the big plant with the saucer-shaped flowers on top.

Bare dirt

And here is a sample of the riotous growth rising thriving effortlessly in the dry field, serving perhaps to remind us folks with the big brains how simple it all is.

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