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NEW: "The U.S. Healthcare System is Broken, and a possible solution: Divorce it from employment and pattern it after auto insurance."

NEW: "How to Build a Fence". This includes lots of USEFUL tips on keeping it straight (top AND bottom), nailing techniques that strengthen rather than weaken the ends of support boards, adding the top board in such a way that it strengthens the fence near the post, and how to add blocks under the fence to help keep out the rabbits (and maybe the chipmunks)!

UPDATED: "Coal Tar Compounding" Changed some wording and simplified some steps.

UPDATED: "Jimmie's Top 500 Ambients". Added 11 new tracks with 2 new albums. Current count is actually 696 ambients!

Check out "Music Theory: Pythagoras and Musical Scales". Pythagoras had a profound effect on music with his discovery that the most consonant notes have the simplest fractional ratios.

Check out "Music Theory: Chords and Triads". Here's the "theory" behind all those harmonious-sounding 3-note chords.

Check out" Don't Just Incubate. Fight Back!" This article suggests that, while there are no cures - or even guaranteed preventatives - for viral infections, trying an ancient herbal compound may be better than doing nothing.

Check out "Home Theater Made Simple". How to set up your own Home Theater system. Also has a Magic Decoder Ring for all the BUZZWORDS.

Check out "The Standard Superhero Plot"! It's a spoof on Superhero movies, since every superhero movie has essentially the SAME plot! Look in "Essays".

Check out "Tips on using the iPhone Camera". Make use of the Little Yellow Rectangle. Learn how to "stop down" for more dramatic pictures. Lock the focus and exposure. Plus two VERY useful gadgits.

Check out "Wishlist for New Homes"! I have actually not found a more comprehensive list in my own internet searching.

Updated Weekly: "Entries from Jimmie's Journal." The home page will feature a quote from my journals, which span from 1975 to the present. It is hoped that these little quotes may lead to a little extra depth of feeling for you, and that some of them might even lead to a greater understanding of our relationship to the Universal Consciousness. And also, some of 'em are for just for the sake of humor! There's also a "Previous Journal Entries" link for past quotes. This is also updated weekly (unless, of course, yours truly is busy fiddling with home improvement or landscaping projects!)
 Click the audio player below for some quiet music to accompany your reading, if you want to.

The Standard Superhero Movie Plot
 This is an excerpt from my humerous little article "The Standard Superhero Plot", under "Essays":

Superhero (SH) finds that he/she has certain superpowers (SP) and that they must confront Archenemy (AE), in order to save (select one):
 ___The City    ___The Earth    ___Some Other Planet    ___The Galaxy    ___Some Other Galaxy    ___The Entire Universe

Specific Details:

AE always is somehow stronger/badder than SH.

Both SH and AE may or may not have weapons, although AE is usually able to blow up or melt things simply with a gesture of their hand.

AE's weapons always are more powerful than than SH's weapons.

On a bit of a more serious note: SHs always use force. AEs always make use of energy.

If confronted with a key computer or entry lock, SH can guess the password in three tries.
(The rest of us have to reset our passwords or call the help desk.)

AE can guess it the first time, use somebody's body part for ID, or simply blast their way in.

AE may or may not have a really big army of ugly people, zombies, aliens, or robots.

There is always one or more hand-to-hand fight between SH and AE. During this fight SH has somehow lost his/her weapons and/or their SP. Often this takes place in a public bathroom. Both SH and AE throw each other through doors, windows, walls, and the like. Don't make this fight last too long, lest your audience winds up wishing that SH and AE would just kill each other and get it over with!

Note: If you find that you have worked yourself into a position where you really have to know something about science, simply have your characters mumble or whisper.

Your SH may appear to die during the screenplay, but returns at the end.

AEs never die, except at the end, and even then it's sometimes not entirely clear whether they died or not.

Bonus Points:
To be true to the genre, it helps to include one or more of the following:
 Somebody needs to get an injection with a needle the size of a 16 penny nail, shoved all the way in, using no antiseptic wipe.
 Security guards are expendable in all superhero movies (and for that matter, spy movies and action movies), The guards are easily smacked on the head, pushed off a tall structure, or simply shot or zapped. Guards don't stand a chance!
 A car/bus/truck/crane/fire engine chase during which at least 30 vehicles roll over or crash into each other.
 Authorities show up in one or more large black SUVs. Almost always, they're on AE's side.
 Some large building needs to be blown up. Usually this is some corporation that is making weapons or other gadgits for AE. We're talking a nuke-class blast with flying metal, collapsing concrete, and finished with a mushroom cloud. The latest Special Effect is a circular shock wave seen from above which spreads out over an entire city. No being could possibly survive this explosion. Was AE inside? She-e-e-it no!

Spider webs on steel

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Wrackline "about":

The Wracklineblog started with the "Hwy 101 Beaches" links. These lead to individual pages covering more than 70 beaches from Astoria, Oregon down to Brookings, Oregon. Each page has beach/park information, usually a picture of the entrance sign, and one or more scenic pictures taken by the author.        Here's an illustrated sample

 However, the Wracklineblog has expanded, and now has photography tips, an exhaustive list of the most moving ambient music, and a growing health/nutrition section, with vegetarian recipes and nutrition information, and various essays, including the newly-added "excerpts from Jimmie's Journals". Some "HTML coding" references and a cool HTML color tool have also been added.
NOTE: The Wracklineblog is not "mobile-friendly" (except for the Oregon Beach information)! The term "mobile-friendly" simply means the web designer has excluded content and/or functionality in order to get the site to look good on a tiny screen! The articles here present a great deal of information, and are accompanied with numerous graphics and/or photographs. I highly recommend a tablet, laptop, or desktop in order to get the best experience for this site.

Wrackline "AD Policy":

NO ads! NOTHING that moves! Period.
 However some of the sections have links that will allow you to purchase books and/or other items. For example, the Photography Tips section offers links to purchase the cameras/lenses that were used to create all the pictures in the blog. If you have an interest for any of these books or items, purchasing them by way of these links will provide a little extra income for the author, who is retired.
 NOTE: Clicking on these Amazon links takes you to the same location that you would get if you searched for and clicked on yourself. The security level is the same, and there is no difference in price. Amazon has an "Associates" package, in which Amazon itself pays a small percentage to the referring web site.

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