How Fast do Trees Grow After a Clearcut?

Oregon is America's number one producer of softwood, such as pine, hemlock, and the like. So it is quite common to see areas in the mountains that have been clearcut at some time or other, not that I like to see this, but it is necessary to some extent, I suppose.
 Most of these areas are marked by a sign "Planted XXXX", for example "Planted 2004", so I thought it might be nice to photograph such areas to get an idea of how fast a forest can recover from a clearcut. Unfortunately, forests are not always replanted with their original mix of conifers and deciduous trees, but rather with just one type of conifer such as pine, spruce, or hemlock.
 As a side recommendation, if you are thinking about buying a house in or near a forest, you might do well to look for one in an area that has already been clearcut! Why? Because you then will be guaranteed to avoid the heartbreak of waking up one morning to see logging equipment eradicating your scenic view! Once an area is clearcut, it will be 35 to 45 years before it will be clearcut again.

Some notes:

All these trees are either right on the Oregon coast or on the coast range of mountains. These regions receive 50 - 80 inches of rain each year, so you may not see these rates of growth in areas with less precipitation!

All pictures were taken during 2019.

Here's some examples of "Planted by XXXX" trees

Planted in 2016. Coast, 200 ft elevation, 2 miles from the ocean.
 After 3 years, the trees are 2 - 3 ft tall

Planted in 2015. Coast range, 1000 ft elevation
 After 4 years, the trees are 3 - 4 ft tall (foreground trees).

planted 2016 planted 2015

Planted in 2012. Coast, 100 ft elevation, 1/2 mile from the ocean.
 After 7 years, they're about 8 - 10 ft tall.

Planted in 2008. Coast, 200 ft elevation. 2 miles from the ocean.
 (The "planted 2008" trees are in the middle section of this shot.) After 11 years,
we're up to 15 - 20 ft.

planted 2012 planted 2008

Planted in 2006. Coast, 100 ft elevation, 1/4 mile from the ocean.
 After 13 years, we'll estimate about 20 - 25 ft.
(The "planted 2006" sign is outside of the picture).

Planted in 1998. Coast, 300 ft elevation. 4 miles from the ocean.
 After 21 years, we have maybe 30 ft.

planted 2006 planted 1998

Planted in 1958. Coast range, 1000 ft elevation.
 After 61 years, they're ready for another clearcut! Fortunately,
these are in a protected area.


planted 1958


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