Jimmie's Guide to Folding Fitted Sheets

Do you find that you try to fold your fitted sheets neatly, only to have them ending up looking like a lump of loose cotton? Does your result look like the image on the right? That's how mine always look, despite my best efforts.
 The secret is to do it like the factory does! I had this "epiphany" recently when I bought a set of sheets. "Wait a minute", I said. "How do these things look like when they're right out of the factory package?" So I carefully opened them up, and after a couple of unfolds, they looked like image 1 below.
 I immediately knew what to do! So here's my "5-fold" step procedure to make cute little rectangles that even Martha S. or Marie Condo would approve.

messy sheets

1 When they come out of the dryer, lay them flat on the bed, countoured side up, and then push one set of corners into the other. (This is along the long dimension.)
 This is the "secret"; it's just like the factory does.

2 We are now going to fold the sheets into thirds. First fold one side inward

Sheets folded 1 Sheets folded 2

3 Now fold the other side inward.

4 Now we fold into thirds again. Here's the first fold.

Sheets folded 3 Sheets folded 4

5 And after one more fold, we now have our nice rectangle that looks just as neat as the flat sheets do.

Sheets folded 5

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