Best Tip for Remembering What to Pack for Trips

So you have arrived at your destination, be it vacation, business, visiting the kids, or whatever. And maybe you find yourself saying:

"Jeez, I forgot my undies and socks!"
 "Oh no! No PJs!"
 "Didn't bring my favorite plane snack."
 "Rats! Forgot my favorite tea, and it's not available in stores around here."

I for one have done all the above on one trip or another. Had to buy undies and socks. Had to buy PJs. Went without my snack, didn't have my tea.
 "Fine", I said. "I'll create a nice printed list and check it off each time". But it was never complete, despite all the hand-entered things that I still forgot on prior trips. And I found myself speed-reading the thing and overlooking some items each time.
 And then there's TSA. "What was I supposed to put in that little plastic bag?" Where can I put the items that will end up in my pockets once I'm declared 'innocent'?"

Then the Boss Tip came to me: Take a picture of all the stuff I actually pack! I keep the picture on my smartphone and refer to it each time I drag out the suitcase. It works great! I'm packed in 15-30 minutes, and don't have all those nagging thoughts "What else is there?" "Am I forgetting something again?"
 So you might try it. My pictures below show what an old man considers essential for travel. You younger folks, or you folks with small kids, will likely have your own version.

A note:
 Many of the items in these pictures are stored in a plastic bin - my "travel essentials". This way, they're all ready to be put into the backpack or the luggage.

The Oregon cap

The plastic mesh container with small bottles for supplements and the travel tube of lotion

The mesh toiletries bag

Both of the canvas bags, including all the items shown on top of one of the canvas bags in the second picture.

carry on

Here's my carry-on backpack. NOTE: We have "TSA-pre" - the only way to fly!! So no little plastic bag.

Snacks and/or breakfast bars

Wallet/phone fanny pack

Hand sanitizer

Tea bags
 I carry an empty "Hydroflask" - with the lid off - in the backpack. Once past security, I to to a coffee/tea bar and hit 'em up for hot water, leaving one or two dollars as a tip. This way, I can nurse my own teas during the flight.

Small Passport card, in case they eventually require two forms of ID

Sunglasses in a case

Small bag of "Kleenix"

Eyedrops, nicotene gum, a couple of Bonine motion sickness tabs (just in case. . .)

(The baggie of Menthol tablets and Elderberry Zinc lozenges has been moved to my "checked" luggage. I put a couple of the Eldeberry Zinc tabs in the eyedrops baggie.)

Small notepad - in case the writer's muse strikes

MISSING: the aforementioned Hydroflask - gotta' take another picture!

And here's the items for my checked luggage.
 ("checked": Airline shorthand for "Throw on baggage ramp as violently as possible", "Always orient upside down", "Handle in inverse relation to perceived fragility", etc)

PJs, underwear, socks

Flask carrier with strap (in case we go hiking)

Lightweight rain poncho, extra pants belt

"Oregon Ducks" cap, for sunny days

Extra shoes for around-the-house

Toiletries in the mesh bag - toothpaste, toothbrush, salt for gargling, nail clippers and related items, "Q-tips" in travel container, comb

Supplements bag (the plastic mesh container), along with ointments and lotions

Menthol tablets and Elderberry Zinc lozenges, if visiting the kids in the wintertime, along with extra "Nic" and eye drops

Extra snack bars

Greens mix container

Another empty Hydroflask, for teas and/or waters

Tube of hair shampoo

The empty canvas bag is for holding many of the above items for easy access during the visit.

The other canvas bag holds the items on top of it: bandages, yellow snake-bite kit (the kids live in Texas!), extra sunglasses, smart phone chargers, two flashlights (in black and grey bags)

Not shown in the picture: any extra shirts or pants (and books) that I choose to take.


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