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A note about all the photographs in the "Wave Action" link here and all those under "Hwy 101 North" and "Hwy 101 South" from the main page:
Equipment notes: All were taken with either a Canon Rebel T3i or a Canon 70D. The lens used was almost exclusively the Canon 15-85 EFS lens. This has proven to be a very versatile and very sharp piece of glass. If a zoom lens was used in any pictures, the lens was the Canon 70-200 (f4), a really nice, sharp, relatively long lens.
Camera settings: Almost all photos were taken with the "P" ("Program") setting, usually ISO 100, usually "Auto" color balance, and almost exclusively stopped down 1/3 or 2/3 (unless a polarizing filter was used.)
Web-related settings: It should be noted that all the photos on this blog have been reduced to "low" resolution, for the purpose of maintaining a reasonable "page load" time.

Wave Action

Tips on viewing big wave action with some dramatic pictures.

Weather info/What to wear

Tips on what to wear, along with a very useful set of links: weather, tides, beach cams, current satellite pictures.

Oregon Parks publications

Oregon Park publications and maps for ALL Oregon parks

Oregon Lighthouses

All the lighthouses on the Oregon coast (PDF download)

Here is a link to the Oregon Coast Trail main site. On this page you will find links to all 10 sections of the trail. Clicking any of these links will cause a PDF to download for the given section.

Oregon Coast Trail

Oregon Coast Trail main site

The ten sections of the trail:

Section 1: From Columbia River to Oswald West State Park

Section 2: From Oswald West to Cape Lookout

Section 3: From Cape Lookout to Lincoln City

Section 4: From Lincoln City to Waldport

Section 5: From Waldport to Florence

Section 6: From Florence to North Bend

Section 7: From North Bend to Bandon

Section 8: From Bandon to Humbug Mountain

Section 9: From Humbug Mountain to Pistol River State Scenic Viewpoint

Section 10: From Pistol River to California