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A note about all the photographs in the "Wave Action" link here and all those under "Hwy 101 North" and "Hwy 101 South" from the main page:
Equipment notes: All were taken with either a Canon Rebel T3i or a Canon 70D. The lens used was almost exclusively the Canon 15-85 EFS lens. This has proven to be a very versatile and very sharp piece of glass. If a zoom lens was used in any pictures, the lens was the Canon 70-200 (f4), a really nice, sharp, relatively long lens.
Camera settings: Almost all photos were taken with the "P" ("Program") setting, usually ISO 100, usually "Auto" color balance, and almost exclusively stopped down 1/3 or 2/3 (unless a polarizing filter was used.)
Web-related settings: It should be noted that all the photos on this blog have been reduced to "low" resolution, for the purpose of maintaining a reasonable "page load" time.

Wave Action

Tips on viewing big wave action. with some dramatic pictures.

Weather info/What to wear

Tips on what to wear, along with a very useful set of links: weather, tides, beach cams, current satellite pictures.

Oregon Parks publications

Oregon Park publications and maps for ALL Oregon parks

Oregon Lighthouses

All the lighthouses on the Oregon coast

Following are links to all the sections of the Oregon Coast Trail. These links take you directly to the PDF files from the Oregon Coast Trails site

Oregon Coast Trail 1

From Columbia River to Oswald West State Park

Oregon Coast Trail 2

From Oswald West to Cape Lookout

Oregon Coast Trail 3

From Cape Lookout to Lincoln City

Oregon Coast Trail 4

From Lincoln City to Waldport

Oregon Coast Trail 5

From Waldport to Florence

Oregon Coast Trail 6

From Florence to North Bend

Oregon Coast Trail 7

From North Bend to Bandon

Oregon Coast Trail 8

From Bandon to Humbug Mountain

Oregon Coast Trail 9

From Humbug Mountain to Pistol River State Scenic Viewpoint

Oregon Coast Trail 10

From Pistol River to California