Tips on Watching the Big Waves

Check out the wave action video toward the bottom of the page!

Want to increase your chances for catching the thrilling wave action on the coast? Here's some tips:

Some photos showing the Pacific at its most inspiring

Waves colliding prior to impact


Wave action


A plume of green water

Wave action

Another powerful impact


Wave action


A cliff-high spray of bright water

Wave action

Sea foam splattered


Wave action


Vanilla milk shake anyone?

Wave action

More chaotic sea foam


Wave action


A cobalt sky, a cocoa-brown rock, and a cotton-ball wave

Wave action

Here's a sequence leading up to a big splash.
I'm on the business end of a long crevice in the rocks (safely perched up on a mound!) The first four pictures show a wave riding on one of the "long period swells". It enters the crevice and barrels its way toward me, topped with boiling sea foam. The next two show the impact when it it hits the rocky wall.

The wave approaches the opening in the distance

It smashes against the outer rocks

wave1 wave2

On its way down the tube

Gaining strength just before impact

wave3 wave4

And we have impact: Mr WAVE meets Mr ROCK!!


Wave action


A second later

Wave action

Want to see some Pacific wave crash action? Well, here's a video of some, taken during a recent visit in January, 2019. It was a cloudy day, so the waves aren't as bright as the pictures above.
 NOTE: This is best viewed on a computer or laptop with decent speakers, and with the bass cranked up a bit!

In the previous paragraphs, we discussed standing only on dry areas. If the area is wet, that means the waves will reach you sooner or later. That's what happened to the guy in the next pictures. The one who likely said to his girlfriend "How about a picture of me next to the next big one!"

Hey babe, Get my picture!

Oops. This doesn't look too good.

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Soaked survivor

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