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NEW: Jimmie's Guide to HVAC Systems I offer some information on the relative cost of replacing your whole HVAC system, with emphasis on Heat Pumps and their (significant) advantages. Included is a description, with some excellent graphics, on how heat pumps and air conditioners actually work.

NEW: Jimmie's iPhone Battery Tips As promised, I have created a comprehensive article on optimizing the iPhone battery life (and simultaneously reducing Cellular Data and significantly enhancing Privacy).

NEW: Jimmie's iPhone Camera Tips I have rewritten my previous article "iPhone Camera Tips" to include the remarkable camera in the iPhone 15. Example: You can use "Live Photo" to create a Long Exposure effect. Another example: You can edit camera settings just like you would do on a pro SLR camera. And one more: You can "Digital" zoom to 10x, and the results are almost identical to "Optical Zoom"!!

NEW: Schizophrenia is not a disease. For many years, I have wanted to write this very personal essay. It represents a unique and different take on schizophrenia, depresssion, and other "mental" issues, based on a lifetime of personal observations and journal entries. You won't find standard medical definitions here!

Also, Check Out a related article: "Medical Science and Worry". Here I discuss Health and Spiritual trust vs Medical Science and measurement (and worry). It's under "Health and Nutrition".

RECENT: "Home Theater Made Simple" Added new information to handle recent changes and improvements in Home Theater equipment. Added a link to improved HDMI cables. Described my AV Receiver upgrade.

RECENT: The four articles on Vegetarian nutrition and breakfast/lunch "recipes", for more readable layout, and some extra information. They're under "Health and Nutrition"

Check Out "An Assortment of Useful Items". Over the years I have discovered many useful items (or useful amounts for ordinary items).

Bangages in packages of 100 of the same size

Mechanical pencils (pkg of 12), pencil leads (pkg of 144, "2B" rather than "HB")

Pencil erasers that you can cut to size

And many more!

RECENT (and just updated): Creating Graphics with Powerpoint. Want to create your own graphics for a class book, a technical article, or for your blog? You can create virtually everything you might need with Microsoft Powerpoint.

RECENT: Amazon is Actually Indispensible Some (perhaps well-meaning) regulators want to break Amazon. I would assert that this would actually hurt many consumers, particularly those who live in rural areas. An article on this is under the link "Essays".

Check out "Jimmie's Top 500 Ambients". This is a list of some of the finest QUIET music on the planet.

Check out "Our 'Negative Pension' " This is an article on the Subscription Pandemic. It was written in 2018, and by 2023, just about every entity wants a subscription. Subscriptions have become so common that we now face a substantial and recurring payout of cash - a reverse pension.

Check out "Using a D.I.Y. site to Create a Will". Been putting off creating your Last Will? Here is an article describing my experience using a well-known D.I.Y. provider.

Check out "Replacing NOISY bathroom fans". Replace your noisy "builder grade" bathroom exhaust fan with a QUIET one

Check out "How to Rebuild Toilets". Shows how to completely renew most toilets (fill and flush valves, tank-to-bowl seals), for about $40 instead of $200-$300

Check out "Install Full Length Drawer Slides". Replace those irritating drawer slides that only come out 2/3 of the way.

Check out "Transforming the 'Builder White' Door". Tired of the standard issue "4 Panel Composite Door" - in Builder White? Try staining it. I show how in this article

Check out "Piping Terms Demystified". Do you find it unusually hard to find the right faucet or toilet flexible line? That's because acronyms like "IPS", "MIP", and "MPT" all mean the same thing!

Check out "Growing Hebe Plants". This article shows many varieties of Hebe Plants, which grow well on the West Coast.

Check out "Change Your Assumptions". Interesting idea about problem solving.

Check out "Quick Luches from Scratch". Among other things, it has Instant Pot times for beans, rices, lentils, and others.

Check out "Vertigo Notes". It shows how to handle vertigo and to to even turn it into a positive condition: improved balance.

Check out Our two articles on Music Theory. The will provide a good introduction to the origin of musical scales, "major" and "minor" triads, and chords.

Check out "The Standard Superhero Plot"! It's a spoof on Superhero movies, since every superhero movie has essentially the SAME plot! Look in "Essays".

Updated every 2 or 3 weeks: "Entries from Jimmie's Journal." The home page will feature a quote from my journals, which span from 1975 to the present. It is hoped that these little quotes may lead to a little extra depth of feeling for you, and that some of them might even lead to a greater understanding of our relationship to the Universal Consciousness. And also, some of 'em are for just for the sake of humor! There's also a "Previous Journal Entries" link (on the right) for past quotes. This is also updated every 2 or 3 weeks (unless, of course, yours truly is busy fiddling with music, or home improvement/landscaping projects!)
 Click the audio player below for some quiet music to accompany your reading, if you want to.

8/23/2021: Some Humor on D.I.Y. Projects
 Here's some Questions and Answers to help you in your next D.I.Y. projects:

How many bags (of river rock/gravel/mulch) do I need?
  A: About 10 more than you actually bought.

How much does each bag weigh?
  A: About 10 lbs more than you can lift.
  Corollary: Just about anybody can lift a bag of dry mulch.
  But it's always wet.

On a D.I.Y. scale of 1 – 10, how hard is this project?
  A: From manufacturer or internet site: 4
  Actual: 9

How much paint do I need for a 10 x 10 room?
  A: About 1 qt more than you bought.

OK then: I'll do it scientifically: How many square ft total is a 10 x 10 room with 9 ft ceiling?
  A: About 100 square ft bigger than you caculate (the 1 qt).

There are typically two sizes of ceiling boxes for hanging lights. Which one does this light fixture fit?
  A: The other one.

Will my extension cord reach the nearest outlet? OR: Will the "Shower" setting on my garden hose sprayer reach the tree I want to water?
  A: Both will be about 1 ft too short.

Will a 12 in braided line reach my faucet inlet?
  A: No. But the 18 in one you almost picked up at the store will.

"I need some information from a store associate. Can I find one?
  Yes you can, but she's currently with a customer who has just asked her to to explain Wave-Particle Duality in Quantum Physics.

What size nut/bolt/plug/fixture/electrical box/braided line/connector will I need?
  A: The one that’s out of stock in the store.

But what if my project can't be completed without it?
  Then it'll be out of stock online as well.

Here's an added thought about the item about extension cords and garden hoses being too short:
 "How to make yourself appear to be a scientist"
 Answer, create a "constant" and name it after yourself.
 Scientists use constants all the time. They are essentially Fudge Factors that are used to make their equations work. For example, Max Plank created an equation for Energy levels:
 The "h" is Plank's Constant. He uses it to make the equation "fit".

OK. So suppose you were to have investigated the too short cord/hose phenomenon, and you find that almost all the time it's about 10% too short. In other words, our extension cord or our garden hose always somehow ends up being 90% of our desired length. You have kept track of enough cases such that you think you can claim that this is a "law".
 So if you are writing an article about Home Improvement, you simply say:
  Actual length = 90 % of desired length.

And if you want to look more sophisticated, you might change it into a math equation:
  La = 0.9 Ld.
  Where La is actual length and Ld is desired length.

Now you are (almost) a scientist.
 To make yourself appear as a "real" scientist, you make the 0.9 a constant and name it after yourself!
  La = ka Ld.
  where ka is "Adams' Length Constant" for extension cords and garden hoses.

That's it! Now you have made yourself a bona-fide scientist!

Netarts Bay, May 2024

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Here's my "Ambient 9", a piece that I reworked recently.

Ambient 9
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