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NEW: "Entries from Jimmie's Journal." The home page will feature a quote from my journals, which span from 1975 to the present. It is hoped that these little quotes may lead to a little extra depth of feeling for you, and that some of them might even lead to a greater understanding of our relationship to the Universal Consciousness. And also, some of 'em are for just for the sake of humor! There's also a "Previous Journal Entries" link for past quotes.
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Current journal entry:

6/1/2006: Absence Rather than Presence
 During my morning “meditation” (or what passes for meditation for those of us with little discipline), it occurred to me that there could be a different way of expressing life issues, and that this way would speak to the absence of something that should be there rather than the presence of of some “negative” condition.
 For example, We don't have poverty/lack – we are experiencing the temporary absence of supply.
 We do not "have" disease – we are experiencing the temporary absence of health.
 We do not have fears – we have the absence of confidence, the absence of trust, the absence of wholeness.
 We do not "have" depression. Instead we say that we are experiencing a temporary absence of Life.

So, by emphasizing a temporary absense, we do not give the negative condition a life of its own. We say that it is simply a lack of something “positive”.
 On the other hand, we do give life and form to the "positive" things we want by our affirmations:
 "Thank You for supply."
 "Thank You for health and youth."
 "Thank You for articulation and confidence."
 "Thank You for well being and great depth of feeling"
 And don't forget to get the direction right! We are not thanking some Being "out there" or "up there". Instead we are thanking the Spirit within, for we are all participants in the Universal Consciousness.

Lastly, we give deference to our Eastern friends who remind us that the Universe is neutral, that terms like “good” and “evil”, or "positive" and "negative" are from our human standpoint.

From the Tao Te Ching:
"Nameing is the root of particular things.
If we say that some things are 'good', then we must immediately say that other things are 'evil' ".


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The Wracklineblog started with the "Hwy 101 Beaches" links. These lead to individual pages covering more than 70 beaches from Astoria, Oregon down to Brookings, Oregon. Each page has beach/park information, usually a picture of the entrance sign, and one or more scenic pictures taken by the author.        Here's an illustrated sample

 However, the Wracklineblog has expanded, and now has photography tips, an exhaustive list of the most moving ambient music, and a growing health/nutrition section, with vegetarian recipes and nutrition information, and various essays, including the newly-added "excerpts from Jimmie's Journals". Some "HTML coding" references and a cool HTML color tool have also been added.

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