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Current journal entry:

7/21/2006: Evolution as a Reaction to Events
 OR: Eastern vs Western thoughts on Evolution
 In the July 2006 National Geographic is an article about the upright stance. “Our bodies are a mosiac of features shaped by natural selection over vast periods of time – both exquisitely capable and deeply flawed…many of the flaws in our ‘design’ have a common theme: They arise primarily from evolutionary compromises that came about when our ancestors stood upright.”
 This passage is interesting because it reminds us that our favorite theory of our existence is based on a reaction to events. The way we are today is due to countless reactions to life. There is no hint of Consciousness as active.
 In other words, the Western way says that not only are we physical organisms that have evolved, but that we have not evolved in a particularly intelligent manner.
 So, if I speak in the "Western way", I would say that we are all physical organisms that have learned over countless years to become conscious. (This is consciousness with a little "c" - being "self-aware".)
 But if I speak after the manner of Eastern Philosophy, I would say instead that we are Consciousness that has learned over countless years to become a physical organism. (This is Consciousness with a big "C".
 This manner of speaking puts us in control: We are not some sort of self-aware being which is imprisoned in a physical organism. Instead we, as participants in the Universal Consciousness - the Consciousness of the Cosmos - can speak the words of healing and can change the cells of our physicality.
 In other words, we can be as healthy or as ageless as we create ourselves to be. . .)


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It's a lively percussion piece with a bit of humor.

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 However, the Wracklineblog has expanded, and now has photography tips, an exhaustive list of the most moving ambient music, and a growing health/nutrition section, with vegetarian recipes and nutrition information, and various essays, including the newly-added "excerpts from Jimmie's Journals". Some "HTML coding" references and a cool HTML color tool have also been added.

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