Jimmie's Top 250 Ambients

This is the Wracklineblog's "Music with Depth of Feeling" List.   (The latest count is actually almost 350 ambients!)
In keeping with the author's preference for quiet, these are all low-key but inspiring selections from "New Age Music" albums.

In general, these selections will have the following traits:

It's music that has "pathos", emotion, depth of feeling.

It engages the creative spirit. It'll put you in the Zone. Most selections would be great background music while you are writing, composing, or just savoring Life.

Some of it might even be a bit melancholic.

It is not "drone".

It ain't "easy listening"

Nobody sings (with a couple exceptions); they're all instrumental

It doesn't have unchanging repetitive loops.

It won't "degenerate" into rock or "light" rock.

Naturally, each of us has a unique take on what constitutes "Top Tunes", so try one or two. Give 'em a chance. Often a person doesn't develop a liking to a track until after listening the second or third time. Also, something that is experienced as quiet and pleasing at home may be irritating when heard in a noisy car.

The author has bought many CDs and MP3 albums based on a pretty selection played on Pandora, or (in the 80s/90s) on a radio station called "Musical Starstreams", only to find that the rest of the selections on the album were easy-listening, drone, atonal, or turned into rock. So you can use Jimmy's "Ambient top 250 list" to spare you from the same fate. If several selections are listed here, but not the entire album, it's because (in my opinion, at least) the rest of the tracks have too much "rock", or are "drone", or are just repetitive loops. On the other hand, if a whole-album link appears in addition to the tracks, it's because all - or at least enough - of the tracks met the criteria listed above for quiet, engaging music.

Want to hear some of this stuff on Pandora? Try these stations:

Rudy Adrian, Constance Demby, or Michael Stearns for synth-oriented music

Olafur Arnalds, Michael Whalen, or George Winston for mainly piano-oriented music.

To listen to or purchase one of the MP3s, or perhaps the whole album, just click one of the grey individual track links or one of the red whole album links. The individual MP3s are usually $0.99 each. Whole albums range from $5.99 to $9.99. Buying from these links will help yours truly maintain The Wrackline Blog as an AD-FREE web site!
"Why buy an MP3 song or album?" you ask. After all, there are streaming services like Spotify or Amazon Streaming. The answer is two fold:

If the service goes away, so do all your favorite songs. That's gradually happening to iTunes, which is all but forcing people to convert to a streaming mechanism.

A lot of this quiet stuff is not popular to the masses. So the streaming service may elect to remove your favorite soft, quiet (but relatively unpopular) tunes from their lists.

If you own all your MP3 albums, you can still listen to them 5 or 10 years in the future!

Grey box (in first column) indicates recently-added tracks

"You are the music while the music lasts" -- T.S. Eliot, The Four Quartets


Individual MP3s



William Ackerman: “Mountain Lake” on “Conferring with the Moon”
  Also on "A Wyndam Hill Retrospective"

Mountain Lake

guitar, flute

Conferring With the Moon

William Ackerman: “The Last Day at the Beach”
on “Conferring with the Moon”   Also on "Returning"

The Last Day At The Beach

guitar (with other instruments)


William Ackerman: “Floyd's Ghost” on “Imaginary Road”

Floyd's Ghost

guitar, piano


William Ackerman: “A Child's Song” on “Sound of the Wind Driven Rain”

A Child's Song

guitar, small chorous

Sound of the Wind
Driven Rain

William Ackerman: “Hawk Circle” on “Sound of the Wind Driven Rain”
  Also on "Returning", "Meditation", and "Wyndam Hill Retrospective"

Hawk Circle

guitar (tribal voices, drums)


William Ackerman: “Lions in the Sky” on “Sound of the Wind Driven Rain”

Lions In The Sky

guitar, piano


William Ackerman: “The Impending Death of the Virgin Spirit” on “Passage”      Also on "Returning", "Meditation", and "Wyndam Hill Retrospective"

The Impending Death. . .

guitar (with other instruments)


Rudy Adrian: “Mists from the Sea” on “Coastlines”

Mists from the Sea



Rudy Adrian: “Message of Dolphins” on “Coastlines”

Message of Dolphins



Rudy Adrian: “Evenings on Pohara Beach” on “Coastlines”

Evenings on Pohara Beach



Rudy Adrian: “At the Edge of the Desert” on “Desert Realms”

At the Edge of the Desert


Desert Realms

Rudy Adrian: “Circling Hawk” on “Desert Realms”

Circling Hawk



Rudy Adrian: “Desert Realms” on “Desert Realms”

Desert Realms



Rudy Adrian: “Of Clouds and Mountains” on “Desert Realms”

Of Clouds and Mountains



Rudy Adrian: “Subterranean River” on “Desert Realms”

Subterranean River



Rudy Adrian: “Starlight” on “Desert Realms”




Rudy Adrian: “Promise of Snow” on “The Healing Lake”

Promise of Snow


The Healing Lake

Rudy Adrian: “Shelter from the Storm” on “The Healing Lake”

Shelter from the Storm



Rudy Adrian: “Valley of Mists” on “The Healing Lake”

Valley of Mists



Rudy Adrian: "Three Views of a Japanese Garden, pt 2” on “Moonwater”

Three Views. . .Pt 2



Rudy Adrian: "Three Views of a Japanese Garden, pt 3” on “Moonwater”

Three Views. . .Pt 3



Rudy Adrian: “Summer Fields” on “Moonwater”

Summer Fields



Rudy Adrian: “The Legend of Kristy Lynn” on “Moonwater”

Legend of Kristy Lynn



Rudy Adrian: "Under Orion” on “Moonwater”

Under Orion



Rudy Adrian: “Disturbed Reflections” on “Twilight Atmospheric Works Vol 2”

Disturbed Reflections



Rudy Adrian: “Passing Through Familiar Hills” on “Twilight Atmospheric Works Vol 2”

Passing Through Familiar Hills



Rudy Adrian: “Autumnal Twilights on Victory Beach” on “Twilight Atmospheric Works Vol 2”

Autumnal Twilights. . .



Rudy Adrian: “Watery Moon” on “Twilight Atmospheric Works Vol 2”

Watery Moon



Paul Adams: “It Rains in Heaven” on “The Property of Water”

It Rains in Heaven


Property of Water

Paul Adams: “Of Passion and Peace” on “The Property of Water”

Of Passion and Peace



Aeoliah: “Heart Flame” on “Inner Sanctum”

Heart Flame



Aeoliah: “Universal Consciousness” on “Inner Sanctum”

Universal Consciousness



Aeoliah: “Serene Splendor” on “Sanctuary of Rejuvenation”

Serene Splendor



Aeoliah: “Activation of Star Portals” on “The Liquid Light of Healing”

Activation of Star Portals


Liquid Light of Healing

Aeoliah: “Portal of Transmutation and Purification” on “The Liquid Light of Healing”

Portal of Transformutation. . .



Aeoliah: “Portal of the Luminous Presence” on “The Liquid Light of Healing”

Portal of the Luminous. . .



Aeoliah: “Nirvana” on “The Liquid Light of Healing”




Daevid Allen: “Bonus track” on “Stroking the Tail of the Bird”
  With Gilli Smyth, and Harry Williamson

Bonus Track

Sometimes named "Untitled"


Paul Avgerinos: “Bliss Is” on “Bliss”

Bliss Is



Paul Avgerinos: “Flowering of Grace” on “Bliss”

Flowering of Grace



Paul Avgerinos: “Lightness of Being” on “Bliss”

Lightness of Being



Paul Avgerinos: “The Clear Light” on “Bliss”

The Clear Light



Paul Avgerinos: “Love Is” on “Love”

Love is



Paul Avgerinos: “Oceans of Bliss” on “Love”

Oceans of Bliss



Paul Avgerinos: “Seven Deep Breaths” on “Love”

Seven Deep Breaths



Olafur Arnalds: “Undan Hulu” on “And They Have Escaped
the Weight of Darkness”

Undan hulu


And They Have Escaped
the Weight of Darkness

Olafur Arnalds: “Pu Ert Joroin” on “And They Have Escaped the Weight of Darkness”

Pu Ert Joroin



Olafur Arnalds: “Pu Ert Solin” on “And They Have Escaped the Weight of Darkness”

Pu Ert Solin



Olafur Arnalds: “Kjurrt on “And They Have Escaped the Weight of Darkness”




Olafur Arnalds: “Loftio Verour Skyndilega Kalt” on “And They Have Escaped the Weight of Darkness”

Loftio Verour Skyndilega. . .



Olafur Arnalds: “Main Theme” on “Broadchurch”

Main Theme



Olafur Arnalds: “Danny” on “Broadchurch”




Olafur Arnalds: “Broken” on “Broadchurch”




Olafur Arnalds: “Beth's Theme” on “Broadchurch”

Beth's Theme



Olafur Arnalds: “Fyrsta” on “Living Room Songs”



Living room Songs

Olafur Arnalds: “Tomorrow's Song” on “Living Room Songs”

Tomorrow's Song



Olafur Arnalds: “Agust” on “Living Room Songs”




Olafur Arnalds: “This Place is a Shelter” on “Living Room Songs”

This Place is a Shelter



Olafur Arnalds: “Lag Fyrir Ommu” on “Living Room Songs”

Lag Fyrir Ommu



Olafur Arnalds: “Only the Winds” on “For Now I am Winter”

Only The Winds

Has some "rock" but still lovely

For Now I am Winter

Olafur Arnalds: “Carry Me Anew” on “For Now I am Winter”

Carry Me Anew



Olafur Arnalds: “Words of Amber” on “For Now I am Winter”

Words of Amber



Olafur Arnalds: “Hands be Still” on “For Now I am Winter”

Hands be Still



Olafur Arnalds: “. . .Og Lengra” on “Dyad 1909”

. . .Og Lengra



Kevin Braheny: “The Way Home” on “The Way Home”

The Way Home


The Way Home

Kevin Braheny: “Perelandra” on “The Way Home”




Balmorhea: “The Winter” on “River's Arms”

The Winter

guitar, piano, strings

River's Arms

Balmorhea: “Theme No. 1” on “River's Arms”

Theme No. 1

piano solely


Tom Barabas: “Earthscapes” on “Sedona Suite”




Tom Barabas: “Sonata in G Minor” on “Sedona Suite”

Sonata in G minor



Hennie Becker: “Inner Peace” on “Spa”

Inner Peace



Meg Bowles: “Nocturnal Flight” on “A Quiet Light”

Nocturnal Flight


A Quiet Light

Meg Bowles: “Glacial Dawn” on “A Quiet Light”

A Glacial Dawn



Meg Bowles: “Forest Glade” on “A Quiet Light”

Forest Glade



Meg Bowles: “Organic Lullaby” on “Blue Cosmos”

Organic Lullaby



Meg Bowles: “Walk Softly into the Night” on “Blue Cosmos”

Walk Softly into the Night



Meg Bowles: “The Sweetness of Mist” on “The Shimmering Land”

The Sweetness of Mist


The Shimmering Land

Meg Bowles: “Venus Rising” on “The Simmmering Land”

Venus Rising



Meg Bowles: “Nightwalk Across the Isle of Dream” on “The Simmmering Land”

Nightwalk Across the Isle . . .



Richard Bone: “Vesperia, part 1” on “Vesperia”

Vesperia, part 1



Richard Bone: “Vesperia, part 2” on “Vesperia”

Vesperia, part 2



Thom Brennan: “Incense and Rain” on “Mountains”

Incense and Rain



Thom Brennan: “Radiant Ice” on “Shimmer”

Radiant Ice



Thom Brennan: “Submergence” on “Vibrant Water”




Robert J Boyd: “High Priestess” on “Awakening the Goddess”

High Priestess



Spencer Brewer: “Portraits” on “Shadow Dancer/Portraits”
 Album is a 2-disk set.



Shadow Dancer/Portraits

Spencer Brewer: “The Muse” on “Shadow Dancer/Portraits”

The Muse



Spencer Brewer: “Eden” on “Shadow Dancer/Portraits”




Spencer Brewer: “Tomorrow's Child” on “Shadow Dancer/Portraits”

Tomorrow's Child



Spencer Brewer: “Silhouttes” on “Shadow Dancer/Portraits”




Spencer Brewer: “Teresa's Song” on “Shadow Dancer/Portraits”

Teresa's Song



Harold Budd: “Children on the Hill” on “The Serpent (In Quicksilver)”

Children on the Hill


The Serpent
(In Quicksilver)

Harold Budd: “Rub With Ashes” on “The Serpent (In Quicksilver)”

Rub With Ashes



Harold Budd: “Wanderer” on “The Serpent (In Quicksilver)”




Harold Budd: “The White Arcades” on “The White Arcades”

The White Arcades



Harold Budd: “Algebra of Darkness” on “The White Arcades”

Algebra of Darkness



Harold Budd: “Totems of the Red-Sleeved Warrior” on “The White Arcades”

Totems. . .



Harold Budd, Brian Eno: “An Echo of Night” on “The Pearl”

An Echo of Night


The Pearl

Harold Budd, Brian Eno: “Still Return” on “The Pearl”

Still Return



Harold Budd, Brian Eno: “Their Memories” on “The Pearl”

Their Memories



Harold Budd, Brian Eno: “The Chill Air” on “Ambient 2: The Plateaux of Mirrors”

The Chill Air


Ambient 2:
Plateaux of Mirrors

Harold Budd, Brian Eno: “First Light” on “Ambient 2: The Plateaux of Mirrors”

First Light



Harold Budd, Bernocchi, Guthrie: “Winter Garden” on “Winter Garden”

Winter Garden


Winter Garden

Harold Budd, Bernocchi, Guthrie: “Harmony and the Play of Light” on “Winter Garden”

Harmony and the . . .



Harold Budd, Bernocchi, Guthrie: “Heavy Heart Some More”
on “Winter Garden”

Heavy Heart Some More



Harold Budd, Bernocchi, Guthrie: “Stay With Me” on “Winter Garden”

Stay With Me



Harold Budd, Clive Wright: “Pensive Aphrodite” on “A Song For Lost Blossoms”

Pensive Aphrodite

32 minutes long


Harold Budd, John Foxx: "Subtext” on “Translucence + Drift Music”
Album has 27 quiet and peaceful selections!



Translucence + Drift Music

Harold Budd, Robin Guthrie: “Avenue of Shapes” on “After the Night Falls”

Avenue of Shapes



Harold Budd, Robin Guthrie: “A Formless Path” on “Before the Day Breaks”

A Formless Path


Before the Day Breaks

Harold Budd, Robin Guthrie: “A Minute, A Day, No More” on “Before the Day Breaks”

A Minute, A Day, No More



Harold Budd, Robin Guthrie: “Outside, Silence” on “Before the Day Breaks”

Outside, Silence



Edward Christmas: “Hymn to a New Age” on “Song of the Golden Lotus”

Hymn to a New Age


Song of the
Golden Lotus

Edward Christmas: “In the Garden” on “Song of the Golden Lotus”

In the Garden



Suzanne Ciani: “The Velocity of Love” on “The Velocity of Love”

The Velocity of Love

piano (with other instruments)


Cusco: “Chorus” on “Water Stories”




Peter Davidson: “Mountain” on “Meditate”




Peter Davidson: “Wind” on “Meditate”
Sounds similiar to Tim Wheater's flute work.


Has wind noise also


Constance Demby: “Strings of My Heart” on “Attunement”

Strings of the Heart



Constance Demby: “Invocation” on “Sanctum Sanctorum”




Constance Demby: “Chambers of my Heart” on “Set Free”

Chambers of my Heart


Set Free

Constance Demby: “Mother of the World” on “Set Free”

Mother of the World



Constance Demby: “Om Mani Padme Hum” on “Skies Above Skies”

Om Mani Padme Hum


Skies above Skies

Constance Demby: “God Is” on "Skies Above Skies”

God Is

Has singing but it is exquisite


Constance Demby: “Sky Blossoms” on “Live in Tokyo”

Sky Blossoms



Constance Demby: “Mother of the World” on “Live in Tokyo”

Mother of the World



Constance Demby: “Legend” on "Spirit Trance”




Constance Demby: “The Annointing” on "Spirit Trance”

The Annointing



Corciolli: “Cassiel” on “The Protection of the Angels”




Steven Cravis: “Healing Piano Music” on “Healing Piano Music for Massage, Meditation, Reiki, 7 Chakras, Relaxation, and Better Sleep.”
One hour long selection on entire album - very good

Healing Piano Music


Healing Piano Music

Crystalline Dream: “Serenity” on “Journeyman”




Crystalline Dream: “Drifting” on “Journeyman”




Crystalline Dream: “Inner Peace” on “Threshold”

Inner Peace



Crystalline Dream: “Threshold” on “Threshold”




Michael Brant DeMaria: “First Light” on “The River”

First Light



Michael Brant DeMaria: “Moonlit Sea” on “Ocean”

Moonlit Sea



Michael Brant DeMaria: “In Search of Home” on “Ocean”

In Search of Home



Michael Brant DeMaria: “Finding Forever” on “Ocean”

Finding Forever



Michael Brant DeMaria: “Diving Deep” on “Ocean”

Diving Deep



Suzanne Doucet and Gary Miraz: “Indigo Moon” on “Resonance”

Indigo Moon



Suzanne Doucet and Gary Miraz: “In Dreams” on “Resonance”

In Dreams



Drifting in Silence: “Empty” on “Artificial”


Derrick Stembridge


Drifting In Silence: “Takeaway” on “Artificial”




Drifting In Silence: “Surface” on “Artificial”




Drifting In Silence: “Oceans” on “Artificial”




Drifting In Silence: “Soulless” on “Artificial”




Drifting In Silence: “Process of Now” on “Ladderdown”

Process of Now



Drifting In Silence: “Ladderdown” on “Ladderdown”




Drifting In Silence: “Once It Began” on “Ladderdown”

Once It Began



Drifting In Silence: “Between the Lines” on “Ladderdown”

Between the Lines



Drifting In Silence: “Balance” on “Place In Time”




Drifting In Silence: “Place in Time” on “Place In Time”

Place in Time



Drifting In Silence: “Leaving” on “Place In Time”




Drifting In Silence: “Winsome” on “Truth”




Drifting In Silence: “Xylence” on “Truth”




Drifting In Silence: “After the Storm” on “Truth”

After the Storm



Ludovico Einaudi: “Divenire” on “Divenire”


This is NOT all "slow"


Ludovico Einaudi: “Primavera” on “Divenire”


This is NOT all "slow"


Ludovico Einaudi: “L'Origine Nascosta” on “Divenire”

L'Origine Nascosta



Ludovico Einaudi: “Ritornare” on “Divenire”




Eluvium: “Seeing You off the Edges” on “Copia”

Seeing You off the Edges

Matthew Cooper


Eluvium: “Ostinato” on “Copia”


Organ used for this selection


Brian Eno: “An Ending (Ascent)” on “Apollo”

An Ending (Ascent)



Brian Eno: “Drift” on “Apollo”




Brian Eno: “Always Returning” on “Apollo”

Always Returning



Brian Eno: “Stars” on “Apollo”




Roger Eno: “The Frost” on “Between Tides”

The Frost


Between Tides

Roger Eno: “Autumn” on “Between Tides”




Roger Eno: “A Paler Sky” on “Voices”

A Paler Sky



Roger Eno: “At the Water's Edge” on “Voices”

At the Water's Edge



Roger Eno: “The Old Dance” on “Voices”

The Old Dance



Esprit Orchestra: “Village in Snow” on “Silk Soundtrack”
 Entire album is short, quiet selections (21 total)

Village in Snow

Ryuichi Sakamoto


Esprit Orchestra: “The Girl” on “Silk Soundtrack”

The Girl



Esprit Orchestra: “The Last Return” on “Silk Soundtrack”

The Last Return



Esprit Orchestra: “Reminiscence” on “Silk Soundtrack”




Esprit Orchestra: “Sadness II” on “Silk Soundtrack”

Sadness II



Dean Evenson: “Dream Space” on “Dream Space”
Entire album has quiet but similiar selections

Dream Space


Dream Space

John Fluker: “Asleep Beneath the Moon (Part 2)” on “The Sound of Peace”      Expands on Asleep Beneath the Moon (Part 1)

Asleep Beneath the Moon

piano (with other instruments)


Gandalf: “Peaceful Heart” on “Between Earth and Sky”

Peaceful Heart

Hein Strobl


Gandalf: “Love is the Answer” on “Between Earth and Sky”

Love is the Answer



Gandalf: “Along the Milky Way” on “Between Earth and Sky”

Along the Milky Way



Gandalf: “Take Me Gently Across the Water” on “Sacred River”

Take Me Gently Across. . .



Gandalf: “Earthbound” on “The Universal Play”




Jeff Greinke: “Last Wave” on “Wide View”

Last Wave

NICE synth pads

Wide View

Jeff Greinke: “Orographic” on “Winter Light”




Jeff Greinke: “Contrails” on “Virga”




Jeff Greinke: “After the Fall” on “Virga”

After the fall



David and Steve Gordon: “Flow of Harmony” on “Heart of Peace”

Flow of Harmony

Track also has bird, water sounds


David and Steve Gordon: “Floating Meadows” on “Misty Forest Morning”

Floating Meadows

Track also has water sounds


David and Steve Gordon: “Still Waters” on “Misty Forest Morning”

Still Waters

Track also has bird, water sounds


David and Steve Gordon and Sequoia Artists: “Transcendence” on “Chakra Healing Zone”




Robin Guthrie: “Fireflies” on “Songs to Help My Children Sleep”




Robin Guthrie: “Misty” on “Songs to Help My Children Sleep”




Robin Guthrie: “Slightly Out of Focus” on “Sunflower Stories”

Slightly Out of Focus



Bob Grubel: “Eagle Flies at Dawn” on “Rivers from the Sun”

Eagle Flies at Dawn



Hammock: “My Mind was a Fog. . .” on “Oblivion Hymns”

My Mind was a Fog. . .

Marc Byrd

Oblivion Hymns

Hammock: “Like a Valley with No Echo” on “Oblivion Hymns”

Like a Valley with No Echo



Hammock: “I Could Hear the Water. . .” on “Oblivion Hymns”

I Could Hear the Water. . .



Hammock: “In the Middle of This Nowhere” on “Oblivion Hymns”

In the Middle of This Nowhere



Hammock: “Hope Becomes a Loss” on “Oblivion Hymns”

Hope Becomes a Loss



Hammock: “Sleep (Bonus Track)” on “Oblivion Hymns”

Sleep (Bonus Track)



Doug Hammer and Amethyste: “Raindrops” on “Secret World”


theremin and piano

Secret World

Doug Hammer and Amethyste: “Desert Bloom” on “Secret World”

Desert Bloom



Danny Heines: “Mountaintop” on “Aqua Touch”




David Helpling: “All Things End” on “Sleeping on the Edge of the World”

All Things End

NICE synth pads


David Helpling: “Promise” on “Sleeping on the Edge of the World”




David Helpling and Jon Jenkins: “For the Fallen” on “The Crossing”

For the Fallen


The Crossing

David Helpling and Jon Jenkins: “The Same Sky” on “The Crossing”

The Same Sky



David Helpling and Jon Jenkins: “Not Forgotten” on “The Crossing”

Not Forgotten



David Helpling and Jon Jenkins: “Beyond Words” on “Treasure”

Beyond Words



David Helpling and Jon Jenkins: “Not a Soul, Not a Sound” on “Treasure”

Not a Soul, Not a Sound



David Helpling and Jon Jenkins: “Now More Than Ever” on “Treasure”

Now More Than Ever



Bob Holroyd: “Ambient Like Snow” on “Afterglow”

Ambient Like Snow



Bob Holroyd: “Half Light” on “Afterglow”

Half Light



Bob Holroyd: “On the Forest Floor” on “Fluidity and Structure”

On the Forest Floor


Fluidity and Structure

Bob Holroyd: “Still” on “Fluidity and Structure”


NICE synth pads


Bob Holroyd: “Crusts of Dust” on “Stages”

Crusts of Dust



Bob Holroyd: “Flight” on “Stages”


NICE synth pads


Michael Hoppe and Tim Wheater: “Stray Bird” on “Wind Songs”
The entire album is beautiful

Stray Bird


Wind Songs

David Huff: “Nocturne” on “Sound Therapy: Tranquility”


piano, water sounds

Sound Therapy:Tranquility

David Huff: “Daydream” on “Sound Therapy: Tranquility”


piano, water sounds


David Huff: “Nightwinds” on “Sound Therapy: Tranquility”


piano, water sounds


David Huff: “Magic” on “Sound Therapy: Healing”


guitar, synth


David Huff: “Silence” on “Sound Therapy: Healing”


guitar, synth


David Huff: “Stream” on “Sound Therapy: Meditation”




David Huff: “Flower” on “Sound Therapy: Meditation”




David Huff: “Pathways” on “Sound Therapy: Serenity”


piano, synth


David Huff: “Spirit Song” on “Sound Therapy: Serenity”

Spirit Song

piano, synth


Iasos: “Angels of Comfort” on “Angelic Music”
A shorter version is on Elixir

Angels of Comfort



Immersion Theory: “Icarus One” on “The Icarus Foray”
Has some "radio transmission" dialog sound effects

Icarus One



Michele Ippolito: "Horizon” on “In the Clouds”
The entire album is nice quiet music, although there is a bit of similiarity in all selections.



In the Clouds

Green Isaac: “Musette” on “Strings and Pottery”




Jon Jenkins: “Into A World of Wonder” on “Flow”

Into A World of Wonder



Peter Kater: “Ambrosia” on “Ambrosia”




Peter Kater: “At Heaven's Gate” on “Ambrosia”

At Heaven's Gate



Peter Kater: “All Souls” on “Elements Series:Air”
One of 4 long selections, available as "album only"

(Album only)


Elements Series:Air

Peter Kater: “Heaven's Gate” on “Elements Series:Air”
One of 4 long selections, available as "album only"

(Album only)



Peter Kater: “Summer” on “Elements Series:Earth”




Peter Kater: “Heavens Window” on “Elements Series:Etheria”
The entire album is beautiful.

Heavens Window


Elements Series:Etheria

Peter Kater: “Afterglow” on “Elements Series:Fire”



Elements Series:Fire

Peter Kater: “Northern Lights” on “Elements Series:Fire”

Northern Lights



Peter Kater: “Solaris” on “Elements Series:Fire”




Peter Kater: “The Way Home” on “Elements Series:Fire”

The Way Home



Peter Kater: “Twilight” on “Elements Series:Fire”




Peter Kater: “Water Ballet” on “Elements Series:Water”

Water Ballet


Elements Series:Water

Peter Kater: “Gently Dreaming” on “Elements Series:Water”

Gently Dreaming



Peter Kater: “Silent Steps” on “Elements Series:Water”
This is a variation of "Solitude", on Fool and the Hummingbird
(SEE below)

Silent Steps



Peter Kater: “Lakeside” on “Elements Series:Water”




Peter Kater: “Cascade” on “Elements Series:Water”




Peter Kater: “Root Chakra” on “Light Body”

Root Chakra


Light Body

Peter Kater: “Intuitive Chakra” on “Light Body”

Intuitive Chakra



Peter Kater: “Crown Chakra” on “Light Body”

Crown Chakra



Peter Kater: “Procession of the Clouds” on “The Fool and the Hummingbird”

Procession of the Clouds

piano (with other instruments)

Fool and Hummingbird

Peter Kater: “Solitude” on “The Fool and the Hummingbird”


piano solely


Peter Kater, Michael Brant DeMaria: “Heart of Silence” on “Heart of Silence: Piano and Flute Meditations”
Entire album is quiet, meditative selections.

Heart of Silence


Heart of Silence:
Piano and Flute Meditations

Peter Kater, Michael Brant DeMaria: “First Breath” on “Heart of Silence: Piano and Flute Meditations”

First Breath



Peter Kater, Michael Brant DeMaria: “Tender Heart” on “Heart of Silence: Piano and Flute Meditations”

Tender Heart



Peter Kater, R Carlos Nakai: “Essence” on “Honorable Sky”
Entire album is excellent.



Honorable Sky

Peter Kater, R Carlos Nakai: “Garden's Gate” on “Improvisations in Concert”

Garden's Gate



Peter Kater, R Carlos Nakai: “Initiation” on “Migration”




Peter Kater, R Carlos Nakai: “Stating Intention” on “Migration”

Stating Intention



Bernward Koch: “Close Your Eyes” on “Walking Through Clouds”

Close Your Eyes



Bernward Koch: “Evoking Wonder” on “Walking Through Clouds”

Evoking Wonder



David Lange: “Stardate 342.1” on “Return of the Comet with Mars Rising”

Stardate 342.1


Return of the Comet
With Mars Rising

David Lange: “Behind the Sun” on “Return of the Comet with Mars Rising”

Behind the Sun

NICE synth pads


David Lange: “Safe Journey” on “Return of the Comet with Mars Rising”

Safe Journey



Larkin: “Two Souls Dance” on “I am the Center:
 Private Issue New Age Music in America, 1950-1990”

Two Souls Dance



Mars Lazar: “Satin Skies” on “8 Minute Mindscapes Meditation”
The entire album is extraordinarily relaxing

Satin Skies


8 Minute Mindscapes

Gail Laughton: “Pompeii 76 A.D.” on “I am the Center:
 Private Issue New Age Music in America, 1950-1990”

Pompeii 76 A.D.



LLewllyn: Twilight” on “Healing Massage”




Loscil: “Cascadia Terminal” on “Sketches from New Brighton”

Cascadia Terminal



Helen Jane Long: “Echo” on “Porcelain”


piano (with other instruments)


Helen Jane Long: “Porcelain” on “Porcelain”


piano (with other instruments)


Ray Lynch: “Quandra” on “The Sky of Mind”




Clint Mansell & Kronos Quartet: “The Last Man” on “The Fountain OST”

The Last Man


The Fountain OST

Clint Mansell & Kronos Quartet: “Xibalba” on “The Fountain OST”




Clint Mansell & Kronos Quartet: “First Snow” on “The Fountain OST”

First Snow



Clint Mansell & Kronos Quartet: “Death is the Road to Awe” on “The Fountain OST”

Death is the Road to Awe



Manual: “After the Rain” on “Confluence”

After the Rain



Manual: “Last Light” on “Confluence”

Last Light



Debra Martin, J. Arif Verner: “Kyrie” on “Anno Domini”



Anno Domini

Debra Martin, J. Arif Verner: “Spiritus” on “Anno Domini”




Stephan Moccio: “Ow” on “Exposures”
  Available as CD only. Other good selections: "Porcelain", "Carrie", "Gabrielle", "Hudson", "Cadeau"

Ow (CD only)

All selections piano solely

Exposure (CD)

Moby: “Blue Paper” on “Hotel:Ambient”

Plue Paper


Hotel: Ambient

Moby: “Chord Sounds” on “Hotel:Ambient”

Chord Sounds



Moby: “Overland” on “Hotel:Ambient”




Moby: “Live Forever (long)” on “Hotel:Ambient”

Live Forever (long)



Moby: “The Rain Falls and the Sky Shudders” on “Move”

The Rain Falls. . .



Michael Neil: “Ursa Major” by Michael Neil on “Constelations”

Ursa Major



Michael Neil: “Andromeda” by Michael Neil on “Constelations”




Michael Neil: “Morning Star” by Michael Neil on “Trust”

Morning Star

NICE synth pads


Michael Neil: “My Father's Son” by Michael Neil on “Trust”

My Father's Son



Michael Neil: “Resting Place” by Michael Neil on “Trust”

Resting Place



David Nevue: “Light” on “Whisperings: the Best of David Nevue”




David Nevue: “The Vigil” on “Whisperings: the Best of David Nevue”

The Vigil



Thomas Newman: Any Other Name” on “American Beauty”
  Also on "Cafe Del mar vol. 8", a compilation

Any Other Name



Dustin O'Halloran: “Opus 37” on “Piano Solos Vol. 2”

Opus 37

piano solely

Piano Solos Vol. 2

Dustin O'Halloran: “A Great Divide” on “Luminiere”

A Great Divide



Dustin O'Halloran: “Fragile N.4” on “Luminiere”

Fragile N.4



Dustin O'Halloran: “We Move Lightly” on “Luminiere”

We Move Lightly



Patrick O'Hearn: “Chance” on "Beautiful World”




Patrick O'Hearn: “Night Becomes Her” on "Beautiful World”

Night Becomes Her



Patrick O'Hearn: “A Brief Repose” on "River's Gonna Rise”

River's Gonna Rise (CD)


River's Gonna Rise (CD)

Patrick O'Hearn: “Forgiveness” on "River's Gonna Rise”

River's Gonna Rise (CD)



Patrick O'Hearn: “Still Standing” on "Slow Time”

Still Standing



Patrick O'Hearn: “A Lovely Place to Be” on “So Flows the Current”

A Lovely Place to Be


So Flows the Current

Patrick O'Hearn: “So Flows the Current” on "So Flows the Current”

So Flows the Current



Patrick O'Hearn: “Beyond This Moment” on "So Flows the Current”

Beyond This Moment



Patrick O'Hearn: “Like So Much Lost Time” on "So Flows the Current”

Like So Much Lost Time



Patrick O'Hearn: “Courage” on "Transitions”




Patrick O'Hearn: “Flight” on "Transitions”




Patrick O'Hearn: “Sea” on "Transitions”




Craig Padilla, Zero Ohms, Skip Murphy: “Oceans of the Heavens” on “Beyond the Portal”

Oceans of the Heavens


Beyond the Portal

Craig Padilla Zero Ohms, Skip Murphy: “One Moment Beyond” on “Beyond the Portal”

One Moment Beyond



Craig Padilla, Zero Ohms: “Blue Distance” on “When the Earth is Far Away”

Blue Distance



Raphael: "Disappearing Into You” on “Music to Disappear In”
Album available as CD only. Other good selections: "Resurrection", "Silence", and especially the one below.

(CD only)

piano (with other instruments)

Music to Disappear In (CD)

Raphael: “I Say Rock'n Roll Prayers to a Dancing God” on “Music to Disappear In”      Don't worry. It really isn't "rock & roll"

(CD only)



Raphael: “Surrender” on “Music to Disappear In II”




Ray: “Floating Stars” on “Celestial Touch”

Floating Stars

Ray Leonard


Ray: “Inner Stellar” on “Celestial Touch”

Inner Stellar



Ray: “Star Waltz” on “Celestial Touch”

Star Waltz



Ray: “Birth of a Universe” on “Etherial Journey”

Birth of a Universe

Ray Leonard


Ray: “Pax Universalis” on “Healing Space”

Pax Universalis

Ray Leonard


Ray: “Sanctuary” on “Healing Space”




Resonant Drift: “Departure” on “Passages”




Resonant Drift: “Two Worlds” on “Passages”

Two Worlds



Resonant Drift: “Transformation” on “Passages”




Marcus Reuter: “Further Clues to Reality” on “The Longest in Terms of Being”

Further Clues to Reality


Longest in Terms of Being

Marcus Reuter: “Hold” on “The Longest in Terms of Being”




Marcus Reuter: “The Abolution of Death” on “The Longest in Terms of Being”

The Abolution of Death



Max Richter: “Iconography” on “The Blue Notebooks”



The Blue Notebooks

Max Richter: “Organum” on “The Blue Notebooks”




Max Richter: “On the Nature of Daylight” on “The Blue Notebooks”

On the Nature of Daylight

Two versions on album


Sigur Ros: “Samskeyti” on “Hvarf/Heim”




Sigur Ros: “Untitled 3” on “( )”    Yep. That's the album name!

Untitled 3

May be named "Sigur 3"


John Serrie: “Fantasy Passages” on “And the Stars go With You”

Fantasy Passages


And the Stars
Go With You

John Serrie: “Stratos” on “And the Stars go With You”




John Serrie: “M-theory” on “Day Star”




John Serrie: “Quantum Seas” on “Day Star”

Quantum Seas



John Serrie: “Breath of the Valley” on “Sunday Morning Peace”

Breath of the Valley



John Serrie: “Sea Mist” on “Sunday Morning Peace”

Sea Mist



John Serrie: “Eye of the Beholder” on “The Stargazer's Journey”

Eye of the Beholder


Stargazer's Journey

John Serrie: “Goldstone” on “The Stargazer's Journey”




John Serrie: “Radiant Dawn's Whisper” on “The Stargazer's Journey”

Radiant Dawn's Whisper



John Serrie: “Vista Range” on “Planetary Chronicles Vol. II”

Vista Range



Shajan: “Natural Healing” on “The Healing Touch: Music for Reiki and Meditation, Vol 2”

Natural Healing

Track also has bird, water sounds


Shastro and Nadama: “Touching Silence” on “Reiki Offering”

Touching Silence


Reiki Offering

Shastro and Nadama: “Gratefulness” on “Reiki Offering”




Sky: “Shores of the High Priestess” on “Dreams”

Shores of the High. . .

Ronny Bunke


Sky: “Old Ages” on “Dreams”

Old Ages



Stars of the Lid: “A Meaningful Moment Through a Meaning(Less) Process” on “And Their Refinement of the Decline”

A Meaningful Moment. . .



Stars of the Lid: “Even (Out)+” on “And Their Refinement of the Decline”

Even (Out)+



Michael Stearns: “Chronos: Portraits Theme” on “Sacred Site”

Chronos: Portraits Theme


Sacred Site

Michael Stearns: “Lightplay” on “M'Ocean”




Michael Stearns: “M'Ocean” on “M'Ocean”




Michael Stearns: “Marriage Chords” on “M'Ocean”

Marriage Chords



Michael Stearns: “As the Earth Kissed the Moon” on “I am the Center:
 Private Issue New Age Music in America, 1950-1990”

As the Earth Kissed. . .

Orig. on "Planetary Unfolding" -
out of print

I am the Center

SubtractiveLAD: “Pebbles and Shells” on “Where the Land Meets the Sky”

Pebbles and Shells

Stephen Hummel


SubtractiveLAD: “Nocturne” on “Where the Land Meets the Sky”
  Sometimes named "Track 3". One of 3 bonus tracks on CD only

Where the Land Meets. . . (CD)

Track is on CD only


Dr Jeffrey Thompson: “Inner Dance Part A” on “Music for Brainwave Massage”
Album is two very long tracks. Part A is very good.

Inner Dance Part 1


Music for Brainwave Massage

David Tolk: “Oh How Lovely Was the Morning” on “In Reverence”

Oh How Lovely Was. . .

piano (with other instruments)

In Reverence

David Tolk: “Simple Gifts” on “In Reverence”
  Adaptation of Copeland's Appalachian Springs

Simple Gifts

piano (with other instruments)


David Tolk: “To the Limit” on “In Reverence”

To the Limit

piano (with other instruments)


Unlearn: “Ellenwood Drive” on “Places”

Ellenwood Drive



Unlearn: “Ocean of/Oceans” on “Places”

Ocean of/Oceans



George Wallace: “Of Light Exalted” on “Soul Ascending”

Of Light Exalted



George Wallace: “The Last Farewell” on “Soul Ascending”

The Last Farewell


Soul Ascending

George Wallace: “The Primordial Chord” on “Soul Ascending”

The Primordial Chord



Philip Wesley: “Far and Away” on “The Dark Night of the Soul”

Far and Away

piano solely


Philip Wesley: “Light and Shadow” on “The Dark Night of the Soul”

Light and Shadow

piano solely


Michael Whalen: “I Have Loved You for A Thousand Lifetimes” on “My Secret Heart”

I Have Loved You . . .

piano (with other instruments)

My Secret Heart

Michael Whalen: “Swimming in a Lovely Sea of You” on “My Secret Heart”

Swimming in a Lovely Sea. . .

piano (with other instruments)


Michael Whalen: “Your Eyes in the Candlelight” on “My Secret Heart”

Your Eyes in the Candlelight

piano (with other instruments)


Michael Whalen: “Addicted to You” on “My Secret Heart”

Addicted to You

piano (with other instruments)


Michael Whalen: “Part Four” on “Like Rain Through My Hands”

Part Four



Tim Wheator and David Lord: "Reverence” on “in Unity”



In Unity

Tim Wheator and David Lord: “Compassion” on “in Unity”




Tim Wheator and David Lord: “Love” on “in Unity”




Tim Wheator and David Lord: “Mystery” on “in Unity”




Tim Wheator and David Lord: “Healing” on “in Unity”




Tim Wheater, Michael Hoppe: “Calling you (Once More)” on “Wind Songs”

Calling You (Once More)


Wind Songs

Tim Wheater, Michael Hoppe: "On Wings of Sleep” on “Wind Songs”

On Wings of Sleep



Tim Wheater, Michael Hoppe: "Stray Bird” on “Wind Songs”

Stray Bird



Tim Wheater, Michael Hoppe: "The Lark's Return” on “Wind Songs”

The Lark's Return



Tim Wheater, Michael Hoppe, Martin Tillman: “The Waiting” on “Afterglow”

The Waiting



Tim Wheater, Michael Hoppe, Martin Tillman: “Shadow's Fall” on “Afterglow”

Shadow's Fall



Tim Wheater, Michael Hoppe, Martin Tillman: “The Longing” on “Afterglow”

The Longing



Ben Wisch: “Vision Quest” on “Winter Solstice”

Vision Quest

piano solely

Winter Solstice

Ben Wisch: “Winter Solstice” on “Winter Solstice”

Winter Solstice

piano solely


Danny Wright: “Ice Drops” on “Time Windows”

Ice Drops



Ralph Zurmuhle: “Being There” on “Our Mother”

Being There

Piano solely

Our Mother

Ralph Zurmuhle: “David and Me” on “Our Mother”

David and Me

piano solely


Ralph Zurmuhle: “Horizon” on “Our Mother”


piano solely


Ralph Zurmuhle: “Our Mother” on “Our Mother”

Our Mother


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