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My apologies for the lack of updates. Jimmy has been doing a lot of landscaping in his back yard: Spreading river rocks over the rest of the yard. Adding a new sitting spot next to our Shore Pine. And so on.
 Also, my daughter and her family are visiting from Texas. So it's some grandkids time!

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NEW Tracks: "Jimmie's Top 250 Ambients" renamed to "Jimmie's Top 500 Ambients", since there are now 537 tracks listed! 4 new tracks have been added.

RECENT: "Wishlist for new homes This is a very comprehensive list of "big" things like a Kitchen Pantry, as well as "little" things like full-length drawer slides for kitchen drawers, or hanging rods in the laundry room, or lights on stairways.

RECENT: "Compounding Your Own" Psoriasis sufferers: if you have a prescription for Coal Tar ("LCD") ointment, and are tired of searching for pharmacies who do "compounding", do it yourself! I explain how.

RECENT: "Tips on using the iPhone Camera" Make use of the Little Yellow Rectangle. Learn how to "stop down" for more dramatic pictures. Lock the focus and exposure. Plus two VERY useful gadgits.

RECENT: "Best Tip for Travel Packing" Have trouble remembering what to pack for your travels? Here's a boss tip: Take a Picture!

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Updated Weekly: "Entries from Jimmie's Journal." The home page will feature a quote from my journals, which span from 1975 to the present. It is hoped that these little quotes may lead to a little extra depth of feeling for you, and that some of them might even lead to a greater understanding of our relationship to the Universal Consciousness. And also, some of 'em are for just for the sake of humor! There's also a "Previous Journal Entries" link for past quotes. This is also updated weekly (unless, of course, yours truly is busy fiddling with home improvement or landscaping projects!)
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4/29/2019: Another Road Trip and Mindfulness
 I was dealing with my computer in the morning, on some aspect of transitioning to Windows 10. “Transitioning to Windows 10” should give you some idea of the difficulty of what I was doing!
 I decided to drive into town to get some groceries.
 During the first part of the trip, my mind was racing with things to try when I get back. “What was that command-line program that might help me to do this? Maybe I could try. . .”
 Somewhere down the road I began to notice that I wasn’t noticing.
 “Do what?”, you say. Since I live outside of a small town on the Oregon coast, The drive takes me though a heavily forested countryside, with scenery that most folks don’t see unless they’re on vacation – and I wasn’t aware of a bit of it. My “mind” was concentrated on the Task-at-Hand, the Purpose, so that I wasn’t being “mindful” of the things going on around me.
 To be mindful means you are paying attention to the forest, the mist rising out of the ground, the tips of the trees made bronze by the sunrise.
 In the audio tape Buddhism Plain and Simple by Steve Hagen, he suggests that you might consider the words of Thich Nhat Hanh, who suggests that you might imagine that you were an astronaut who was stranded on the moon, your lunar lander damaged on landing. You would stand there on the dusty rocks and gaze upon the distant blue Earth with no hope of returning. Then you might imagine further that you managed to repair the craft and return home.
 Imagine the intense awareness you would then have of walking in the green forest with the wind whirring in the trees and the clouds drifting overhead as if they were the air breathing into the sky.

From an airplane flight, Jan 2019

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