The Wrack Line and Oregon Beaches

What's the Wrack Line Blog "about"? Please see below the picture.       What's a "Wrack Line"

What's NEW in the Wrack Line Blog?
 The author and his wife (and two daughters) have become involved in the "Kon-Mari" method of "decluttering" our house and possessions. The link describes a bit of the process. At the bottom of the page is another link - to an essay about a ceremonial burning of old papers, and closure with the past.
 10 new selections for "Jimmie's Top 250 Ambients"
 The "Photography tips" now has a "Camera terms de-mystified" section. It discusses lenses, focal lengths, and the like.

UPCOMING.The promised HTML development tools might have to wait a bit. The author is busily unloading 40 years of clutter!


Click the player to listen to some very relaxing music by the author (It's been composed especially for a particularly calming effect.)

Wrackline "about"

The Wracklineblog debuts with the "Hwy 101 Beaches" links. These lead to individual pages covering more than 70 beaches from Astoria, Oregon down to Brookings, Oregon. Each page has beach/park information, usually a picture of the entrance sign, and one or more scenic pictures taken by the author.        Here's an illustrated sample
It also debuts with some miscellaneous essays. These range from simple reveries, lighting a campfire with damp wood, the Texas Stadium implosion, Tips on buying a refrigerator, and a few more. These used to exist on my prior blog ("" - now offline). Planned additions to the Wrackline Blog are:

Health and well-being related topics, including nutrition info, self-applied muscle massage and the elimination of muscle pain (that's right: you can toss the aspirin), chiropractic, information about the "intraocular lens implant", vertigo "conditioning", and the like.

More miscellaneous essays, possibly including cleaning tips, observations on the Stock Market, rants on excessive NOISE in our society, and such.

Photo collages set to music.

Some of the above have already been completed, or at least partially completed. including the HTML color/texture tool. So they will be added shortly.
  And finally. . . some serious stuff: I plan numerous essays about psychological and/or philosophical items, many of which will be based on 40 years of entries in a journal. Such essays may be of interest. Who knows? They may even be healing.


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