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12/19/2007: On not letting fear become reality.
 In the early morning, I noticed some pain in my upper back, a tightness of muscles around a vertebra or two, that had a familiar “ring” to it, a familiar “tone”. (Why do we use sound-type words to describe familiar or “deja-vu” sensations?)
 "Oh no, not again", I found myself thinking, having spent the last half of 2006 and a good portion of 2007 dealing with severe muscle pain following a shoulder operation. Were the problems coming back – after a period of absense? I even found myself “gnashing” the teeth and working the jaw while these thoughts occupied my mind.
 Perhaps this is how fears are actualized - made manifest. The fear of something persists in the back of our mind, slowly converting to physical tension, first in the jaw, then in the gut, and finally in the muscles themselves - perhaps adding to any muscle pain or soreness that we might already have.
 So, being mindful of Ernest Holmes’ suggestions to watch the mind-chatter, I stopped and made a quick affirmation: "I speak the words of release from tension and contraction in muscles." Then I went about my business, after working the sore area with my Theracane (a tool that let's one reach muscles in the back). After a while the whole incident was forgotten.
 After we have developed the habit of making positive affirmations, we find that we can "de-fuse" fears before they become part of our physicality, before they are "internalized" - before the fear settles into muscular tension or tension in the gut.
 The Appearance is "I've got chronic muscle pain", This is "reality" with a little "r". We replace this with Reality - "As a participant in the Universal Consciousness, I can change the very cells of my physical form."

Here's a bad a_ _ looking supercell seen outside the airplane window while flying over West Texas recently after a trip to visit our kids in Austin.

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