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Current journal entry:

3/5/2011: The Oregon Move
 We invited our kids over today for lunch and dinner, so that we could tell them since the events are now more “firmed up” (i.e. more believable to us of incomplete faith).
 I pulled out our four big DeLorme state maps.
“You can always tell where we are wanting to go by the collection of DeLorma topo maps. Here’s Arkansas. Here’s Washington. And here’s Maine. Remember Maine, an early heartthrob.
 And here’s Oregon.” I held the map up for them to see.
 “So now it’s Oregon, eh, dad.”
 I felt a shiver go through me as I replied:
 “Well, this time it’s different.”
After some jaws dropped for a bit, my oldest daughter said “I knew there was some reason you invited us over!” A bit later I was talking about our recent trip to the Sacred Place (a state park in Oklahoma). “What a memorable and emotional trip this was.There were no people – we had it to ourselves. You remember that place we drove to over the rough road, hoping each time that when we reached the peninsula, there would be no cars already there. That's where we were, by ourselves.
 Suzie asked me if I wanted to say a prayer. For a while I couldn’t do it"
 That’s about all I got out with a normal voice.
 At that point I had to leave the room and walk into the kitchen, ostensibly to fiddle with some dishes.
 Well, that tipped my two daughters over the edge. As I left the room I could see that their vision failed, too.

 On a humorous note, I made note of some things that went on while prepping our house for show:
 Cleaning the bathroom walls: How do all those white spots get on the wall? I imagined myself asking my wife in mock irritation, “Whaddya brush your teeth facing the door or something?”
 I think “Wait. I’ve got an idea.
 Colored toothpaste!
 You could get it in colors to match your walls.
 I can retire on this one.”

 My wife said that she had read somewhere that you should “Make it look fun”, referring to staging the house.
 “Make it look fun”, I thought. Well that’s easy. We’ll just put a box of condoms in each bedroom.

 My wife and daughter shopped most of the day looking for staging props for the two bathrooms. We had put up the shower curtain and towel in one bathroom. “You like my towel?” she asked.
 “It cost $50”
 “$50?!? For $50 you can stage your ass right on out of here”
 That brought a laugh.

 “You want to know what moving is? it’s fixing all the s_ _ _ that you have put up with all these years so the house will look good, and so that someone else won't have to put up with it.
 The crack between the front sidewalk and the garage.
 The scratched bathtub.
 The shower faucet that is hard to pull.
 The mildew in the corner below the washer water outlets where they leaked a long time ago.

Paddle Boats

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