The Wrack Line and Oregon Beaches

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9/1980: Rain, Air, Clouds, and Words
 It has just rained heavily, and the air is opulent with rich moisture and the heady fragrance of damp grass. The air seems renewed - having caressed the Earth and the trees with its gift of life-giving water - and now is free to clear off after several days of cloudiness.
 But did the rain come only because of the air - or was it because the earth demanded the rain; all the plants and trees and insects and animals, and we who live in parched climates, desired the rain - insisting that the air bring the water. Are not the earth and the air one?
 Or is the air perhaps part of the ocean? Go down to the seashore and hear the roar of the waves and then go up into the mountains and hear the roar of the wind - they are the same sound. The air brings the water up to the landlocked land and all its inhabitants who have moved too far away from the sea.
 So the air is alive then, and the clouds are the air’s breath.
What are the clouds if they are not the air breathing into the sky?

 Do we who sense the Life speak these words, or are they demanded of us, like the earth demands the rain? Existence is alive, and it draws the words out and demands that they be said...

Fernhill sunset

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