The Wrack Line and Oregon Beaches

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What's NEW in the Wrack Line Blog?

Check out my new tipe on chasing the Pacific's Big Wave Action!

I am starting (after some delay!) to add entries related to health and nutrition, with two new articles:

How to manage (or quite possibly eliminate) vertigo-related dizzyness.

A short essay on getting an MRI, with a bit of humor

23 NEW tracks added to "Jimmie's Top 250 Ambients"

P.S. The article on vertigo (and my existing article on the Common Cold) end with some reasonably deep philosophical/spiritual thoughts. . .

Next up is a detailed article on eliminating muscle pain

Fernhill sunset

Click the player to listen to the author's "Twinkle Variations".
It's some variations on "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star".

Wrackline "about":

The Wracklineblog started with the "Hwy 101 Beaches" links. These lead to individual pages covering more than 70 beaches from Astoria, Oregon down to Brookings, Oregon. Each page has beach/park information, usually a picture of the entrance sign, and one or more scenic pictures taken by the author.        Here's an illustrated sample

Planned additions to the Wrackline Blog are:

Eventually I will be adding essays, including excerpts from 40 years of journal entries, which - it is hoped - may lead to a greater understanding of our relationship to the Universal Consciousness.

Wrackline "AD Policy":

NO ads! NOTHING that moves! Period.
 However some of the sections have links that will allow you to purchase books and/or other items. For example, the Photography Tips section offers links to purchase the cameras/lenses that were used to create all the pictures in the blog. If you have an interest for any of these books or items, purchasing them by way of these links will provide a little extra income for the author, who is retired.


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