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The Crickets, The Birds, and Purpose

9/17/2004: The Crickets
 After I arrived to the company parking lot in the early morning darkness, I turned off the engine and rolled down my window. Although I was vaguely aware of the sounds in the past, this morning the insect noises impressed themselves on my consciousness.
 Chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp.
 It was the steady beat of the crickets (or cicadas), quite loud despite the equipment humming and groaning, and the car tires fanning the pavement on the nearby highway. I found myself wondering how they managed to make this sound in unison, apparently all night long.
 I imagined asking some scientist how this could be, and then immediately retracting my question. "No. maybe I don’t want the scientific explanation for this phenomenon, compelling though it may be. I’ll settle for another type of understanding."
 "Life, in its simplest organisms just wants to sing. It’s just part of life’s natural exuberance. We, on the other hand, inured of all our activities and strivings, have forgotten how."

7/12/2004: The birds and I
 I am standing in my neighborhood listening to the usual noise, barking dogs, distant lawn mowers, and the occasional under-muffled truck. Up in the trees was a bird chirping. I looked at the bird and said "Stupid bird. You can fly. Why are you here in this noisy neighborhood?
 If I were you, I would have long since flown to the countryside. Maybe that park in Southeastern Oklahoma. No, maybe even to the Oregon coast."
 On the other hand, there I was, dissatisfied and wanting to be able to move to a quiet place by a stream or by the ocean, and there was that bird, up in the tree singing in pure delight.
So who’s the stupid one? Me or the bird up in the tree singing?

4/4/2009: What is It All About?/Who Am I?
 It’s not about my work (writing software for chip design). The work is just a dream. I have spent hours writing a program to move a piece of metal in a chip one micron further away from another piece of metal – and likely all because of a design rule that is probably not necessary.
 So what is it about?
 I will drive to the Sacred Place that I have gone to many times in the past – a quiet state park in Oklahoma. I will get up early in the morning to photograph the sunrise, There I might become aware of a bird singing up in a tree.
 Why is that bird singing?
 It is singing because it can fly; it is singing because the cool morning wind is caressing the tree whose branch it rests on; it is singing because the sun is about to come up and the colors will be beautiful. The bird easily creates an endless variety of tunes that would make any composer jealous – simply because it is attuned to the creativity of the cosmos.
 And that bird is what is all about. And my observing the bird is what it is all about, for by observing it I see that it is savoring the bright warm moist Earth, and that is all I am asked to do myself.
 So I am the person observing the bird. I am not the person who has had the career, nor even the person who has nutured two kids and provided them and my wife a home with many creative touches.
I am simply the person who has observed the bird singing in the tree, for that is what Spirit intends to convey:
The whole business is a gift.

From a flight in November, 2018

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