Showing off the Canon 15-85 and Canon 70-200 lenses

High-res shots using the Canon EFS 15-85 and Canon EF 70-200 lenses

Here are some "high-resolution" shots to demonstrate the capabilities of the two lenses that have been used throughout the Wracklineblog Site. Why is "high resolution" in quotes? Because the original images are about 7-9 Megabytes each, and the "page load" time would be on the order of paint drying. Also the images would be about 3 times wider!
 So the images were reduced in size to 1600 pixels wide. This of necessity reduces their sharpness a bit, but they're still sufficiently sharp to show what these fine lenses will do.

Canon 70D Canon 15-85 lens Canon_70-200 lens

Canon EFS 15-85mm lens

This shot was taken at Cape Lookout. Camera was the Rebel T3i, stopped down -2/3. The Rebel T3i was my former camera, and was a excellent little trooper. I would put an Amazon link to it, but it's discontinued!
ISO 100, AV 8, TV 1/160

Cape Lookout

Here's some sea foam frozen in mid-splash. Camera was the 70D, stopped down -1/3.
ISO 400, AV 16, TV 1/1000

Sea foam

Canon EF 70-200mm lens

And here's the Blue Angels in their usual plane-touching-plane formation, at the 2015 Oregon Air Show. Note that this is hand-held, and rapid panning as well! Camera was the 70D, stopped down -1/3.
THIS is why most of the photogs I have run into have said "You should get a 70-200 lens"!
ISO 400, AV 10, TV 1/1600

Blue Angels

This shot was taken at Crescent Beach. Camera was the T3i, stopped down -2/3.
ISO 100, AV 8, TV 1/640

Crescent Beach

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