Excerpts from Jimmie's Journals

This page will hold all the past journal entries that first appear on the home page of the Wracklineblog. Each will have the date on which they appeared on the blog, as well as the original date on which I made the entry in the journals.

Little contacts

Blog date: 11/16/2017    Journal Entry: 11/10/2017

I was waiting outside of the dressing room (while my wife was trying on clothes). The saleslady, who I would guess to be in her 50s, passed by me, saying “I remember you two from other visits”. She touched my arm with two outstretched fingers - just a simple little contact as she glided by - and I caught a glimpse of her slender fingers with tendons stretched under soft flesh.
 Perhaps the background music playing was quiet for once, and I found myself deeply moved by this simple act, gently imagining how the bare bones of the hand would look after the passage of time and flesh. Old men do this, sometimes, being a bit more aware of mortality and time's passage.
 My vision failed a bit as the force of the thoughts continued to move me. “You should take note of all those little touches, boy”, I sermonized to myself. “They should be acknowledged, if only in a small way, for this is how we give Life to each other during our days on Earth.” (Usually, if I have enough warning, I will clasp my hand over the hand which touches me – flesh upon flesh – but the saleslady crossed me up – she was too quick for me.)
 The words continued: “This is how we support each other, one Compassion touching the other Compassion, and these are the things that somehow abide, drifting over the Earth and among the stars, beyond the time of the flesh on the bones.”

It is the spirit that quickens   John 6:63

The "Teepee Dreams" tea and the music

Blog date: 11/20/2017    Journal Entry: 11/23/2008

(Author's Note: "Teepee Dreams" tea was available back then, and contained chamomile, valerian, and other calming herbs. It was similiar to Celestial Seasonings "Sleepytime Extra". Update, 4/2018: It's still available! You can order it from "Native American Herbal Tea Company".)
 I am sitting in my chair listening to Deuter’s exquisite music just before going to bed. But there is a nagging desire for some “Teepee Dreams” tea, which put me in a trance the night before.
 “Don’t want to become dependent on it”, I said to myself.
 “I’m just about ready go to bed”.
 But the cells are insistent. They demand the tea – “No” won’t do for an answer – for they apparently wish to float again, to have another waking dream.
 So I go brew a mug of the tea and sit back down to take in the tea and the music. The music drips from the ceiling in little tinkling drops that are felt as well as heard. I am reminded of T.S. Eliot’s words, “You are the music while the music lasts”.
 Surely I am sitting not in my chair but by the shore of a quiet winter lake and each note from the various instruments is as a wave lapping on the shore, each wave a word spoken by a vastly articulate existence. The cells float out over the waves and into the sky toward the stars, where they mingle with the Quiet One.

More floating (this time after a Michelob “Bourbon Cask” beer)

Blog date: 11/20/2017    Journal Entry: 12/13/2008

Time stops while the music is playing.
 There was time before the music, with the passing of events – I heated dinner, ate the dinner, put up the dishes, got my beer and turned on the computer. All these events can only go in one direction – I can’t unwash the dishes or reconstitute the food in its original form (it is already becoming “me”), and it is this forward direction that is time. The quiet ticking of the bedroom clock only goes along for the ride.
 But as I sit in the chair, and as the music drips from the ceiling and dissolves the day’s thoughts and concerns – time-related concerns about what was done and what will be done – the shoulders drop, the cells float again and I become the music, and the clock stops ticking.
 So there was the time before the music and there was the time after the music, but while the music plays, time stops.

Wind over the Water and in the Trees

Blog date: 12/1/2017    Journal Entry: 1/5/1975

The wind wanders over the earth and meets the water and sifts itself through the trees in its travels. There are no strangers to the wind - all are its friends.
 The wind spins the water and weaves the leaves, and both the sea and the leaves reply to the wind in the same language, so that the wind over the waves and the wind in the trees is the same sound.
 He who hears the wind know this. He who walks in the forest hears the sea, and he who stands on the shores of seas hears the leaves in the trees. For he is no stranger to either, having memories from earlier lives in the water and in the forests.

The Seasons, Earth, Air, and the Tree

Blog date: 12/1/2017    Journal Entry: 3/1975

There are not 4 seasons. There are only 2: the season of the Earth and the season of the Air.
 The season of Earth is Spring and Summer. During this time the Earth is predominant. It is alive and you can hear its riotous life out in the fields - the raucous insect party buzz.
 During the season of Air, the air is alive, blowing cold over the land, sometimes covering it with a soft white blanket - as if in apology. Air is the quiet season.
 Air, during its season, removes the leaves from the trees and gently gives them to Earth, later to become its food. During the season of Earth, the leaves on the trees give the air the gases it needs.
 So the mediator between Earth and Air, then, is the Tree.
And in the Winter you can see the trees for what they are - blood vessels of the air.
 We are of Earth and Air. The part of us that is of the air thinks, dreams, and occasionally soars. But the part of us that is of the earth understands...

Rain, Air, Clouds, and Words

Blog date: 12/6/2017    Journal Entry: 9/1980

It has just rained heavily, and the air is opulent with rich moisture and the heady fragrance of damp grass. The air seems renewed - having caressed the Earth and the trees with its gift of life-giving water - and now is free to clear off after several days of cloudiness.
 But did the rain come only because of the air - or was it because the earth demanded the rain; all the plants and trees and insects and animals, and we who live in parched climates, desired the rain - insisting that the air bring the water. Are not the earth and the air one?
 Or is the air perhaps part of the ocean? Go down to the seashore and hear the roar of the waves and then go up into the mountains and hear the roar of the wind - they are the same sound. The air brings the water up to the landlocked land and all its inhabitants who have moved too far away from the sea.
 So the air is alive then, and the clouds are the air’s breath.
What are the clouds if they are not the air breathing into the sky?

 Do we who sense the Life speak these words, or are they demanded of us, like the earth demands the rain? Existence is alive, and it draws the words out and demands that they be said...

Christmas Prayers

Blog date: 12/18/2017     Journal Entry: 12/25/2008

Thank You, Spirit, for your visit - and how did You experience time while you were here?
 Thank You for having visited us and having participated in our time and space on this bright green planet you created, and thank you for your incarnation at the time you visited us.
 And yet if we say You are the Timeless Formless One, then perhaps our words should not be 'You experienced time in the past', but that 'You are experiencing time right now',
We should not say 'this is planet you created', but that 'this is the planet you are creating',
And not that 'You experienced incarnation at the time You visited us' but instead that 'we are the incarnation'.
 Each of us, then, is Christmas.

Believing in the Visit

Blog date: 1/4/2018     Journal Entry: 12/12/2009

A recent (2009) National Geographic article “Are We Alone” describes the increasing possibility of other Earths – other planets that could sustain life. “More than 370 planets outside our solar system have already been discovered…. our Milky Way gleams with more than 100 billion stars – and billions of those are likely to possess planetary systems of their own.”
 So the first – and logical – reaction is to wonder “Was there a Christmas on each of these? Did Spirit become incarnate at some time on these countless planets during some period of their evolution? How can this be?”
 Reason prompts us to disbelieve.
 But then we get a prod from the Other Side, saying “Well but this is, after all, Spirit – the Timeless and Spaceless One. This is the same Spirit whose consciousness dreams about all those stars and created, no – is creating – them. So maybe all those other bright green rocks with their sensuous waters have – in their time – evolved to the point where they needed a Sign, and were blessed with a symbolic Incarnation.
 It’s sort of like the Santa Claus business.
 “Do you believe in Santa Claus?”
 “No. Of course not, silly. I mean get real. How can one being bring gifts to 1 billion children in 24 hours? That’s 1 microsecond or less per house.”
 And yet each of us did believe in Santa Claus before we learned how to reason.

Driving to Beaver's Bend

Blog date: 1/11/2018    Journal Entry: 1994 and 1997

(While living in Dallas, Texas, our family took many memorable trips to an Oklahome State Park called "Beaver's Bend". Here are some reveries that came to mind while driving along the country roads to the park.)
  We drive at sunset through the countryside. The trees and the grasses are brilliantly lit by the setting sun. The plants and trees grow quietly and slowly. They await the change of seasons just as other plants and trees have here for thousands of years. Existence shows the infinite patience of its Creator.
 For one who is out of Time, the whole thing is just a blink, I suppose.
 Our passage through the fields is not noticed. We are just noise in the quiet modulation and rhythms of existence.
 Are our lives that way too?
 The loveliest time of the day is at its beginning and its end. Why is that? Are we that way as well?
 It is said that the prettiest fall colors occur when it has been dry. When the trees are satiated with plenty of water through the summer, they do not produce the best colors of the fall. Also, it is said that pine trees produce more pine cones when they are stressed. Is it true that some of the brightest and most lively of things are produced when life is under stress?
And yet the quartz is produced by quiet, patient sifting...

 The mist rises out of the ground, as if the Spirit of Earth was sifting itself through the grains of the soil, to be seen perhaps only by those whose eyes see magic. The Earth and the Spirit of Earth have been doing these kind of things for time utterly beyond our comprehension of time. Earth presents itself for us to view during our brief blink of existence.
 We see these things and take them in; we internalize them, and in so doing become Earth.

Of Fires and Time

Blog date: 1/16/2018     Journal Entry: 2/25/2011

(This came to me during our last trip to Beaver's Bend, the Oklahome state park. We were about to leave the Dallas, Texas area and move to Oregon.)
 I had been warming myself by my small campfire for some time that morning, fiddling with twigs, breaking small branches on my knee, scrounging around for some more small tinder, fanning the fire to keep it from checking out on me.
 It occurred to me to reflect that fires are not automatic – they are not like a thermostatically controlled heater that can be set with the twirl of a knob and then forgotten. Thermostats are a modern contrivance, one of many that allow us to easily adjust our environment so that we can pursue our other tasks.
 No, fires prompt us to sit down and simply observe time itself, rather than have time be a forgotten background process while we are busy with our projects.
 Observe time itself? How so?
 I am talking about the time that is nothing but the forward progression of events.
 The logs slowly melt to soft white ashes.
 The fish breaks the surface of the water in the distance, seeking its meal for the day.
 The clouds slide past, marking the end of an atmospheric system and the beginning of the next.
 The plane droning in the distance makes its way from its departure to its destination.
 We never get to savor time as simply the forward movement of events because we are always trying to stuff events into an arbitrary slice of time.

No Big Signs

Blog date: 2/2/2018     Journal Entry: 2/12/2011

We keep looking for "big" signs from the Great Spirit, the Sovereign of the Universe.
 In an earlier journal entry, I describe what I call the "return to life" after a period of profound absence of feeling.

(9/1972): There is no experience - no experience - more wild than to participate in the life of the world around you with all of the feeling that you see others participate in it. If you feel something and say what you feel, and say all the words that you feel and omit not one, then you are alive. Where life is there is speech, and the words are one with the life.
There is no more absurdity if you have lived the deepest absurdity - if you have died - for every event thereafter, every event, has meaning.
The whole business is a gift, and if it is, there must be a Giver of gifts.

So we do have some signs of the existence of some sort of Formless One, some Spirit who created and is creating Life. There just aren’t any “big” signs.
 Sometimes we imagine ourselves wanting to say “Could you give us just one ‘proof’? Throw us a Belief Bone, Spirit Guy. Take a cue from Hollywood. Watch some of our movies. You’ll get the idea.
 OK. so You have already gotten the Idea, but You know what I mean.”
 And the imagined answer might be:
 “Now you know that’s not going to happen. That’s what Life is all about. Hello. That’s why it’s called ‘Belief’
 “Oh, right.”

In a subsequent journal entry (2/23/2011):
Maybe it's because Spirit - the Great Oneness - can't Communicate.
 From the Brihad Upanishad: “He who is One speaks without speaking, for there is nothing separate from him, hears without hearing, for there is nothing separate from him, sees without seeing, for there is nothing separate from him. . .
. . .Where there is separateness, one speaks to another, hears another, sees another. . .
 So is this the reason there are no “obvious” signs?
 We keep wanting the Great Spirit to give us signs. “Show us some proof, Spirit. Throw us a Belief bone or something.” (We overlook all the miracles that happen all around us – the plant arising out of a tiny pot of soil which could not possibly hold all that raw material, the leaves of a fern unfolding out of a circular coil that can’t possibly hold all that mass.)
 We want a “Hollywood sign”. “Come on, Spirit, if Industrial Light and Magic can do it, You certainly could."
 But perhaps Spirit is stuck with that Oneness problem. The Great Oneness can’t communicate to others, because there are no “others” to communicate with – no separateness.
Perhaps the reason Spirit can’t give us a sign is that we ourselves are the sign.

Prayer, Time, and Spirit

Blog date: 2/6/2018    Journal Entry: 3/28/1997 and 3/9/2001

It occurred to me (during meditation) that I was experiencing a morning of calm. My back soreness was gone, and I was in a state of peace. I had asked for calm and received it. This is the usual protocol of our dealings with Spirit. We ask for something and then there is the expectation of receiving it at some future time.
 So it's the time business. We are Beings-in-Time. We arise, have breakfast, go to work, call someone and make a request, and then later the person responds. All of these things take time.
 Yet in prayer we are dealing with a Being-Not-in-Time. We recall the saying "Put yourself in another person’s shoes”. Spirit is not in time. There is no before and after for the Timeless One. We often thank Spirit for something we received in the past, and yet in a sense it seems just as appropriate to thank Spirit for something in the future.
 So we thank the Universe instead of making requests to It. Why? Because we have been given all the things we were given from time immemorial. We have a disease and then we have remission from the disease.
But the remission was granted billions of years ago...

(During meditation) What are the Real Questions?

Blog date: 2/21/2018    Journal Entry: 12/4/1998

What are the real Questions?
 One is “Who is the Spirit of Existence?” That’s a tough one, and always has been. And the I AM WHO AM business doesn’t really do much for the human imagination.
 So how about “Where is the Spirit of Existence?” In Earth? In Air? Everywhere? Well the answer to that one is a place, and we all know that Spirit is placeless.
 So if life is too mysterious for answers, then perhaps our search should be for something other than questions. . .
 Maybe we should pay attention to the Buddha.

The Birds and I

Blog date: 7/12/2004    Journal Entry: 3/9/2018

I am standing in my neighborhood listening to the usual noise, barking dogs, distant lawn mowers, and the occasional under-muffled truck. Up in the trees was a bird chirping.
 I looked at the bird and said “Stupid bird. You can fly. Why are you here in this noisy neighborhood? If I were you, I would have long since flown to the countryside. Maybe that park in Southeastern Oklahoma. No, maybe even to the Washington coast.”
 On the other hand, there I was, dissatisfied with the place where I was living and wanting so much to be able to move to a quiet place by a stream or by the ocean, and there was that bird, up in the tree singing in pure delight.
 So who’s the stupid one? Me or the bird up in the tree singing?

Imagined Conversation: "Well, why are we here?"

Blog date: 3/15//2018    Journal Entry: 3/8/2005

My imagined response:
 “I suppose that the older I get, the less an answer I have for that one. There is no theory that can supply a satisfactory explanation of life.
 Behaviorism is not it.
 How about Freud or Jung’s ideas? Nope.
 Any philosophy? Not found here either.
 Maybe the closest anybody has come to an “answer” is the Budda, who said “I don't have any answers. You do. Don’t be listening to any authority or religion, including me.”
 My own journal entry, written after some years of searching for the "cure" for "mental problems" was: There are no answers and it is asking questions that is the problem.
 Perhaps it would be well to go out by the lake in the morning with the mist floating over the stainless steel waters and the clouds airbrushed to a bright orange iridescence, and just listen to the great universal ‘DUH’.”

The Crickets

Blog date: 3/27/2018    Journal Entry: 9/17/2004

When I arrived to the company parking lot in the early morning darkness, I turned off the engine and rolled down my window. Although I was vaguely aware of the sounds in the past, this morning the insect noises impressed themselves on my consciousness.
 Chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp.
 It was the steady beat of the crickets (or cicadas), quite loud despite the equipment humming and groaning, and the car tires fanning the pavement on the nearby highway. I found myself wondering how the insects managed to make this sound in unison, apparently all night long. I imagined asking some scientist how this could be. “How do they do this, as if they were synchronized?" But immediately I wanted to retract my question. “No. maybe I don’t want the scientific explanation, compelling though it may be. I’ll settle for another type of understanding.”
 “Life, in its simplest organisms just wants to sing. It’s just part of life’s natural exuberance. It’s the same with the birds; they’re always singing (I suppose I would be singing too if I could fly). And on a windy day Life wants to dance too; watch the trees sway in the moving air, their arms outstretched and embracing the flow. The grasses join in too, forming liquid, undulating seas.
 We, on the other hand, inured of all our activities and strivings, have forgotten how.”

The Toll Tag Experience

Blog date: 4/7/2018    Journal Entry: 2/16/2005

After years of fumbling for change to toss in the toll booth, I finally decided to make the move from the Rotary Phone of tollway driving to the Touchtone Phone – I ordered an RFID tolltag.
 So there I was, the first morning, approaching the toll booth with my new beacon freshly installed on my windshield. I had just noticed that the classical music station was playing a lively piece of music – Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring I believe.
 I coasted toward the funneled opening with the music stirring to its climax, feeling distinctly odd because I had no money ready to satisfy the official requirement. There was even a slight panic in the pit of my stomach because I was about to pass right by the coin basket with my window closed, the red light glaring right at me, the radio cranked up with Stravinsky’s music at its peak.
 I looked over at the attendent watching me from the adjacent booth. Was I not going to stop and pay? Was this really going to work?
 I waved.
 Bink. The light turns green.
 Blat. The trumphets and kettle drums are at their finest.
 In slo-mo, I slide past the empty coin basket and brightly-lit passageway, into the early morning darkness beyond.

The Oregon Move

Blog date: 4/11/2018    Journal Entry: 3/5/2011

We invited our kids over today for lunch and dinner, so that we could tell them since the events are now more “firmed up” (i.e. more believable to us of incomplete faith).
 I pulled out our four big DeLorme state maps.
“You can always tell where we are wanting to go by the collection of DeLorma topo maps. Here’s Arkansas. Here’s Washington. And here’s Maine. Remember Maine, an early heartthrob.
 And here’s Oregon.” I held the map up for them to see.
 “So now it’s Oregon, eh, dad.”
 I felt a shiver go through me as I replied:
 “Well, this time it’s different.”
After some jaws dropped for a bit, my oldest daughter said “I knew there was some reason you invited us over!” A bit later I was talking about our recent trip to the Sacred Place (a state park in Oklahoma). “What a memorable and emotional trip this was.There were no people – we had it to ourselves. You remember that place we drove to over the rough road, hoping each time that when we reached the peninsula, there would be no cars already there. That's where we were, by ourselves.
 Suzie asked me if I wanted to say a prayer. For a while I couldn’t do it"
 That’s about all I got out with a normal voice.
 At that point I had to leave the room and walk into the kitchen, ostensibly to fiddle with some dishes.
 Well, that tipped my two daughters over the edge. As I left the room I could see that their vision failed, too.

 On a humorous note, I made note of some things that went on while prepping our house for show:
 Cleaning the bathroom walls: How do all those white spots get on the wall? I imagined myself asking my wife in mock irritation, “Whaddya brush your teeth facing the door or something?”
 I think “Wait. I’ve got an idea.
 Colored toothpaste!
 You could get it in colors to match your walls.
 I can retire on this one.”

 My wife said that she had read somewhere that you should “Make it look fun”, referring to staging the house.
 “Make it look fun”, I thought. Well that’s easy. We’ll just put a box of condoms in each bedroom.

 My wife and daughter shopped most of the day looking for staging props for the two bathrooms. We had put up the shower curtain and towel in one bathroom. “You like my towel?” she asked.
 “It cost $50”
 “$50?!? For $50 you can stage your ass right on out of here”
 That brought a laugh.

 “You want to know what moving is? it’s fixing all the s_ _ _ that you have put up with all these years so the house will look good, and so that someone else won't have to put up with it.
 The crack between the front sidewalk and the garage.
 The scratched bathtub.
 The shower faucet that is hard to pull.
 The mildew in the corner below the washer water outlets where they leaked a long time ago.

The Six Powers

Blog date: 5/15/2018    Journal Entry: 4/1/2005

At the time I had just been listening to "Black Elk's Vision"- an audiotape. The narrator is describing the "6 Powers" in the Lakota Indian Tribe tradition. I have always found it relaxing to hear someone talk about simple beliefs like this, on the the part of people who used to see more magic in the earth than we ever will in our modern society.
 So may the Six Powers guide you.

Father Sky (mak-pia-ha-te)
Mother Earth (e-na-ma-ka)
   And the Four Directions (ta-te-to-pa):
 The West Power (we-ok-pay-ata) – The source of rain but also storms. Source of the Spirits (from the darkness when the sun goes down). The color black.
 The East Power (we-ok-hay-ya-pa-ta) – The source of peace, knowledge from the red dawn. The color red.
 The North Power (wa-zay-ya-ta) – The source of cleanliness, truth, strength, and rest. The color white.
 The South Power (ato-ka-ga). – The source of medicine from roots, stems, herbs, and fruits. Father sky and mother earth come into communion and the plants grow. The color green.
 This is the way the Great Spirit (Wo-ka-ta-ka) intended it to be.

(It might be noted that other references give different colors for these directions.)


Blog date: 5/21/2018     Journal Entry: 5/6/2005

For reasons that I may never understand, my college studies were cut short by "mental issues". So I missed out on the succesful career in science or engineering.
 So for a long time now I have been trying to create something, some body of work, that is valued.
 But what is this “value”? I am finally coming to believe that a person’s value is not dependent on whether or not they have been a success. I have value even if I am a “failure”, or a “loser”.
 And I would even ask further, “value to whom”?
 Am I of value to the Spirit of Existence? I have long since come to believe that we are all of infinite value to Spirit. Why? Because the Spirit creates this warm bright moist green planet out of the eternal cold and wishes to participate in its richness – and the only way It can do so is to give Itself form as us. So Spirit creates each one of us so that It can interpret the Earth, so that It can experience Time.
 Am I of value to others? This is the one that I have been most concerned about, and lately the one that I am beginning to care the least about.
 So there is only one person whose approval I have really been seeking all my life.
 Maybe, sometime before I die, I will finally believe that I am valueable to myself.

Words, body, and mind

Blog date: 5/26/2018     Journal Entry: 5/4/2006

Our language really should be watched, for our words hold us in thrall. Words, after all, have great power.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God…”

So we might find ourselves saying something like “My shoulders really hurt, and I’m anxious about this.” In other words, “something is wrong with my body, and I’m anxious.”
 There are significant problems with that statement.
 “Something is wrong.” That makes the problem a physical “thing” over which I have no control.
 “Something is wrong with my body.” That now casts both the problem and my body as physical things. My body is a separate, biological entity, and “I” am stuck inside, subject to anything that might happen to this physical object.
 “I’m anxious.” Even that is wrong. Does that mean “my mind is anxious?” Or, should I associate the mind with the brain? Is my brain anxious?
 “Anxious” is a scrunching up of the muscles in the gut. “Anxious” is a needle-like sensation over all my skin. “Anxious” is sweating when it is not hot or shivering when it is not cold – an inability to control the temperature of my existence.
 In other words, if “my body” is anxious, “I” am anxious.
 There is no separation between body and mind, or body and soul. I am Body-Soul. I am Spirit interpreting form as me.
 What this means is that the part of me that is conscious, the part of me that is Spirit, can understand “things that are wrong” in a different way. “I am the thing that is wrong, and I can change that lack of order in my existence.”
 So the words that I say to myself about these thoughts are:
 “You will not explain.
 Instead you will understand.
 Medical Science explains.”

Absence Rather than Presence

Blog date: 6/12/2018    Journal Entry: 6/1/2006

During my morning “meditation” (or what passes for meditation for those of us with little discipline), it occurred to me that there could be a different way of expressing life issues, and that this way would speak to the absence of something that should be there rather than the presence of of some “negative” condition.
 For example, We don't have poverty/lack – we are experiencing the temporary absence of supply.
 We do not "have" disease – we are experiencing the temporary absence of health.
 We do not have fears – we have the absence of confidence, the absence of trust, the absence of wholeness.
 We do not "have" depression. Instead we say that we are experiencing a temporary absence of Life.

So, by emphasizing a temporary absense, we do not give the negative condition a life of its own. We say that it is simply a lack of something “positive”.
 On the other hand, we do give life and form to the "positive" things we want by our affirmations:
 "Thank You for supply."
 "Thank You for health and youth."
 "Thank You for articulation and confidence."
 "Thank You for well being and great depth of feeling"
 And don't forget to get the direction right! We are not thanking some Being "out there" or "up there". Instead we are thanking the Spirit within, for we are all participants in the Universal Consciousness.

Lastly, we give deference to our Eastern friends who remind us that the Universe is neutral, that terms like “good” and “evil”, or "positive" and "negative" are from our human standpoint.

From the Tao Te Ching:
"Nameing is the root of particular things.
If we say that some things are 'good', then we must immediately say that other things are 'evil' ".

Evolution as a Reaction to Events

Blog date: 7/4/2018    Journal Entry: 7/21/2006

OR: Eastern vs Western thoughts on Evolution
 In the July 2006 National Geographic is an article about the upright stance. “Our bodies are a mosiac of features shaped by natural selection over vast periods of time – both exquisitely capable and deeply flawed…many of the flaws in our ‘design’ have a common theme: They arise primarily from evolutionary compromises that came about when our ancestors stood upright.”
 This passage is interesting because it reminds us that our favorite theory of our existence is based on a reaction to events. The way we are today is due to countless reactions to life. There is no hint of Consciousness as active.
 In other words, the Western way says that not only are we physical organisms that have evolved, but that we have not evolved in a particularly intelligent manner.
 So, if I speak in the "Western way", I would say that we are all physical organisms that have learned over countless years to become conscious. (This is consciousness with a little "c" - being "self-aware".)
 But if I speak after the manner of Eastern Philosophy, I would say instead that we are Consciousness that has learned over countless years to become a physical organism. (This is Consciousness with a big "C".
 This manner of speaking puts us in control: We are not some sort of self-aware being which is imprisoned in a physical organism. Instead we, as participants in the Universal Consciousness - the Consciousness of the Cosmos - can speak the words of healing and can change the cells of our physicality.
 In other words, we can be as healthy or as ageless as we create ourselves to be. . .)

The 'Secret' to Digging up Grass

Blog date: 8/3/2018    Journal Entry: 6/12/2018

Over the course of several months, I have been digging up the grass in the back yard, in preparation for replacing it with gravel or rocks. The grass was one big thick, impenetrable mat, and I had finally evolved a way to dig it up after trying many methods over the last few months.
 “Well”, I said, “I’ve finally found the secret to digging up grass.”
 ‘Secret’? Why do we call these sorts of things ‘secrets’? A secret is something that someone knows and is witholding it from others.”
 “I know a secret about John and I’m not telling”, says one child to another.
 So is a secret then something that the Universe knows and is making us figure it out? Or instead maybe I should just say that the technique of digging up grass is simply something that I haven’t yet learned to do or found a solution for, prior to today.
 And what about the big one? “What is the secret to Life?”
 Is it really a secret or is is it something we haven’t tried hard enough to learn?
 Better yet, is it something we have tried too hard to learn?
 The best answer I have ever heard for Life’s secret is this quote from The Martian Chronicles. It's from the screenplay version of Martian Chronicles. (I looked in Ray Bradbury’s book and did not find these words, so they must be the inspiration of the screenplay writer.)
 Colonel Lander (Charleton Heston), has just driven to a place of concrete ruins and has encountered a Martian for the first time.

Lander states that he has “waited so long for this meeting…to learn the secret of your life on Mars”.
 The Martian (an actor with an opulent “Shakespearean” accent) replies:
 “Secret? There is no secret. Anyone with eyes can see the way to live.”
 “How?” (asks Lander)
 “By watching life, observing nature and cooperating with it. Making common cause with the process of Existence.”
 “By living life for itself, don’t you see. Deriving pleasure from the gift of pure being.”
 “The gift of pure being.” (Lander repeats slowly)
 “Life is its own answer. Accept it and enjoy it day by day. Live as well as possible. Expect no more. Destroy nothing. Humble nothing. Look for fault in nothing. Leave unsullied and untouched all that is beautiful. Hold that which lives in all reverence, for life is given by the Sovereign of the Universe, given to be savored, to be luxuriated in, to be…respected.
 But that’s no secret. You’re intelligent. You know as well as I what has to be done.
 Now I must go.”

Blaming External (or Internal) Things

Blog date: 8/30/2018     Journal Entry: 8/7/2007

(While listening to the Rig Veda). I notice in the Hindu Rig Veda many “externalizations”: the writers and story tellers would speak of “bad” gods and demons as being the cause of ignorance, sadness, poverty, and other negative things.
 There were the Rochesas, the “malignant, manevolent Miriti”, and other nasty beings.
 And the “good” gods were constantly beseeched for protection against them. These were Indra, Agni, The Additias, Saraspati, Sivistri, The Maruts, and others.
 So this tendency to blame other causes apparently goes back a long way.
 And we have the same thing today.
 Today it’s Seasonal Affective Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Bipolar Depression, Cholesterol, and a host of other demons of modernity that we seek to blame for our ills – physical and mental.
 And indeed we are encouraged to seek help from the gods of Medical Science to protect us against them – Prozac, Paxil, Librium, Valium, The Statins, ACE Inhibitors, Alpha Blockers, Beta Blockers, and countless other medications.

Jimmie's Version of ISO 9001

Blog date: 9/16/2018    Journal Entry: N/A

It's time for a little humor: Here's Jimmie's Version of ISO 9001
 Back in my high-tech job working days, I noticed how the typical company really implements ISO 9001 certification: The ISO 9001 inspector typically visits the company once a year. When the inspector is scheduled to visit, management sends out an email to all employees involved in production. What it says is essentially this:
 "Everybody is to hide all the printed documents that they have in their possession. These are to be put away and instead you should be prepared to show the inspector that you can easily find our online System Documents from the Quality Control Department."
 Translation: Stash all the printed docs and all the hand-written notes that you "really" use to do your work.
 And what are these "System Documents"? These are highly precise procedures that have the word "shall" repeated no less than 50 times:

"The green and red wires shall be attached as per System Document W-2501, and shall be wrapped in sheathing #345. . .

. . .blah-blah-blah-shall-blah-blah-blah. . .

 When printed, this becomes an uncontrolled document." (They all ended with this phrase.)

The pre-visit email also urges all employees to "shut up"! That is, they are to answer the inspector's questions only, and not to offer any extra information (lest they slip up and reveal how they really do their work)!
 So what does all this mean? It means that everybody in the plant has a desk drawer full of "uncontrolled documents" - dog-eared, covered with hand-written notes. Why is this? Because the System Documents have been written by somebody in QC who doesn't have a clue about the real steps necessary to do the given task.
 Corollary: All System Documents have "Rev D" (or a higher letter) as a part of the Document number. Why? So it will look like the QC person who wrote the document actually did keep up with the actual procedure that everybody used!
 So on ISO 9001 Inspection Day, I don't know about everybody else, but when I saw a stranger in my area carrying a clipboard or laptop, I would quietly slip out of my area to go check the air in my tires, take an early lunch, or go for a walk (having already hidden all my scribbled notes).
 So there you have it - "Jimmies Procedure on the real procedure to attain ISO 9001 certification. Use this document to make YOUR company ISO 9001 certified."

 When printed, this becomes an uncontrolled document.

Some Humor on Telephone "Menus"

Blog date: 9/26/2018    Journal Entry: 4/3//2010

To hold for 5 minutes and then be disconnected, press 1

To hold for 30 minutes and possibly speak to an actual human, press 2

To listen to nice music for a while and then be disconnected, press 3

To actually hear a live human breathe, press 4

To listen to the 23rd psalm, press 5

To hear an assortment of other caller’s 4-letter words about us, press 6

To hear our staff rolling on the floor in raucous laughter, press 7

If you feel that our phone service is too slow, and want to get frustrated faster, try our web site. www.we-care.com

On Not Letting Fear Become Reality

Blog date: 10/20/2018    Journal Entry: 12/19/2007

In the early morning, I noticed some pain in my upper back, a tightness of muscles around a vertebra or two, that had a familiar “ring” to it, a familiar “tone”. (Why do we use sound-type words to describe familiar or “deja-vu” sensations?)
 "Oh no, not again", I found myself thinking, having spent the last half of 2006 and a good portion of 2007 dealing with severe muscle pain following a shoulder operation. Were the problems coming back – after a period of absense? I even found myself “gnashing” the teeth and working the jaw while these thoughts occupied my mind.
 Perhaps this is how fears are actualized - made manifest. The fear of something persists in the back of our mind, slowly converting to physical tension, first in the jaw, then in the gut, and finally in the muscles themselves - perhaps adding to any muscle pain or soreness that we might already have.
 So, being mindful of Ernest Holmes’ suggestions to watch the mind-chatter, I stopped and made a quick affirmation: "I speak the words of release from tension and contraction in muscles." Then I went about my business, after working the sore area with my Theracane (a tool that let's one reach muscles in the back). After a while the whole incident was forgotten.
 After we have developed the habit of making positive affirmations, we find that we can "de-fuse" fears before they become part of our physicality, before they are "internalized" - before the fear settles into muscular tension or tension in the gut.
 The Appearance is "I've got chronic muscle pain", This is "reality" with a little "r". We replace this with Reality - "As a participant in the Universal Consciousness, I can change the very cells of my physical form."

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