Yaquina Bay State Recreation Site, Lighthouse

Hwy 101 mile marker 142.
Yaquina Bay is on the Southernmost part of Newport - Yaquita Head is the Northenmost part. If you are heading South, Yaquina Bay can be reached by taking the last exit on the right just before a long bridge. The park contains the Yaquina Bay lighthouse, which is part of a wooden house. There is also a "Fisherman's Memorial" located in a building at the site.

Site Resources: Lighthouse, Fisherman's Memorial interpretive center, picnic tables, restrooms

Oregon Parks link:Yaquina Bay No fee required.

Park entrance on 101

Sign at lighthouse entrance

Sign Sign

Some photos taken at Yaquina Bay

The lighthouse

This building might be said to bring a whole new meaning to the name "light house". It was a house with a light on top. The original light was a small fifth order fresnel lens. It remained lit for only three years, mainly because the 93 foot Yaquina Head lighthouse was built soon after this one. The building was almost demolished but was finally saved by the town of Newport, which restored it around 1974. Tours of the old house, which featured excellent woodwork, are available year around. Its light is now a modern assembly loaned to the park by lighthouse historian J.A. Gibbs

The adjacent tower was constructed by the Coast Guard in the early 1900s.


The mariner's memorial on the site.

Fisherman's Memorial


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