Smelt Sands State Recreational Area

Hwy 101 mile marker 163.
Smelt Sands features beach access, the historic 804 Trail (0.75 mi), and tidepools. The beach is quite rocky, like the other beaches in the area. This affords some fairly impressive wave action when the seas are up.
There is also a yearly Smelt run, Smelt being small silvery fish related to salmon.

Site Resources: Restrooms

Oregon Parks link:Smelt Sands No fee required

Entrance on 101
Our trusty 2000 Jeep Cherokee appears here (she's been replaced.)

Beach entrance

Sign Sign

Some photos taken at Smelt Sands

Secluded picnic table

Want a shaded picnic table, all to yourself? No problem. The little park has one for you.


An iron sculpture exhorts the viewer to "never turn back to the sea", warning about "sneaker waves".

Wave sculpture


View to the south

A view toward the south..


This one looks to the north

View to the north


Miniature Devil's Churn

Some rock formations create a bit of wave action, just like the larger formation in nearby Devil's Churn park.


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