Port Orford Heads State Park

Hwy 101 mile marker 300.
Port Orford Heads State Park offers a museum, as well as an actual lifeboat on display. It's a 36 foot wooden craft for which restoration is planned. A hiking trail winds around the outer edges of the headlands, offering remarkable views to the South and to the North. You are about 100 feet above the ocean.

Site Resources: museum, 36ft lifeboat in its own pavillion, picnic tables, restroom

Oregon Parks link:Port Orford Heads S. P. No fee required.

Entrance on 101

SIgn in park

Sign Sign

36 foot Coast Guard ship

This walkway winds around the entire peninsula

Sign Sign

Some photos taken at Port Orford Head

View from the trail

Here's a view looking out over the ocean from the hiking trail that winds around the entire headlands.


This view is looking South through the trees.

View to the South


View to the North

And here's a view to the North. At the tip of the distant peninsula is Cape Blanco.


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