Ona Beach

Hwy 101 mile marker 149.
Ona beach State Park features a large flat beach.
Kayak tours are also offered in the summertime. You can kayak through the Beaver Creek wetlands for 5 miles up to South beach.
Note that Ona Beach has been renamed to "Brian Booth State Park" in 2013.

Site Resources: picnic tables, restrooms

Oregon Parks link:Ona Beach No fee required. Note that the link will have the new name ("Brian Booth State Park").

Entrance on 101

Sign inside park

Sign Sign

Some photos taken at Ona Beach

Bridge to beach

This bridge takes you over a lovely clear creek to the beach area.


Here's the creek. On the day the photo was taken, I had to wait until some kayakers passed under the bridge.

View from the bridge


View from the beach

Here's a view looking out from the beach area.


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