Neptune Viewpoints - "Neptune"

Hwy 101 mile marker 170.
This is the second of the four "Neptune State Scenic Viewpoints" and its associated beach. Cummins Creek spills into this beach area, and is said to contain agates. According to the Oregon Park link, there is a natural cave containing tidepools to the South.

Site Resources: picnic table, restroom.

Oregon Parks link:Neptune State Scenic Viewpoint No fee required.

Entrance on 101

Parking lot (bathroom is to the left)

Sign Sign

Cummins Creek bridge

Here is Cummins Creek (a bit dry in the summer; the water is towards the opposite shore.) You can see the highway 101 bridge over Cummins Creek, in the distance.


A set of wooden stairs leads to the beach and Cummins Creek

Stairs to the beach


The view to the South

Here lies the section of the beach which includes the two remaining viewpoint entrances - Strawberry Hill and Bob Creek.


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