Nehalam Bay State Park

Hwy 101 mile marker 44.
Just south of the town of Manzanita is the entrance to Nehalam Bay State Park. Turn right at the sign next to a gas station and follow the road, making a couple of turns. You'll soon come to a big arched sign suspended on log posts on either side of the road, and then you'll drive a mile or two, and swear that you are going to a Southern flatland beach, with scrubby brush on either side.

After passing the pay post ($5 day use fee - or simply display your annual pass) you will come out on a large parking lot with horse stables to the south. A left turn just prior to the parking lot leads to a boat ramp.

Site Resources: RV parking, camping, yurts, horse trails and stables, boat ramp (on bay side), picnic tables, showers, restrooms

Oregon Parks link: Nehalam Bay State Park Requires Day Use Pass, Annual Pass, or Oregon Coast Passport

Entrance on 101

Pay station and sign leading to beach

Sign Sign

Some photos taken at Nehalem Bay Beach

Horse Parking provided, Pard!

Did ya bring a shovel??


Remember your signpost!This is a long beach with 5 or 6 entrances that look almost exactly like this one. So remember to glance back and see what the sign says, and perhaps take note of the surroundings near the entrance - so you can easily find it when you come back.

Remember your signpost!


A view to the south

Here are some inland clouds. On this particular day a small storm blew in from the ocean. You can see the edge of it to the right.


Here's a view of the clear air and bright clouds after the storm.

Another view


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