Boiler Bay State Scenic Viewpoint

Hwy 101 mile marker 126.
Boiler Bay viewpoint affords magnificent views. Also, the rocky cliffs to the South, as well as below the South side of the viewpoint, offer excellent wave action.

Site Resources: picnic tables, restrooms

Oregon Parks link:Boiler Bay viewpoint No fee required.

Entrance sign from 101

The parking lot guard is watching you

Sign Bird

Some photos taken at Boiler Bay Viewpoint


The trip that included these central Oregon beaches was during February 2012. The shrieking Pacific winds were at full tilt today. Powerful waves exploded in white spray on the rocks.


Here's a view looking out into the open ocean

A view over sea grasses


stormy yet clear waters

Despite the surging wave action, the Pacific's waters remain aquamarine and clear..


This shot was taken on a subsequent trip, in July, 2014

A nice view to the South, with cirrus and other cloud types.


Looking straight out from the viewpoint

This was taken in May, 2014


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